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Ambergris Caye's Children's Home is coming along great. Just a few more donations needed to complete the second level of the building. See how you can help.

Please help! Read the last paragraph for information on how!

MAY UPDATE FOR HOPE HAVEN: We are mere weeks away from completing the second level of our children's home! We have also started renovations for the first floor! How exciting!

In order to finish (upstairs) we need your help and donations for the following items:

1,200sq ft of linoleum flooring (any color or style you would like to choose for us!).

5x 5-gallon buckets of primer (pre-paint) for interior walls and ceiling.

3x 5-gallon buckets of water-based paint (enamel; your choice of color, but we prefer a light blue) for interior walls.

2x 5-gallon buckets of water-based paint (flat; white please) for ceiling.

280ft of baseboard (your style!).

2x 12,000 BTU Air conditioning units (split units; energy-efficient preferable).

Tile for bathrooms have been graciously donated by Steve and Dayna Harp. Thank you! (Please be like Steve).

This list will be edited as donations are made.

To make a cash or material (see list above) donation, please leave us a message here or call Brittney ODaniel at 630-1241. If you know someone that would consider making a donation, please share this post with them. We are at the finish line, and have been working tirelessly to get the shelter open. None of this would have been possible without you. Thank you so much!