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The San Pedro Sun

“Hands across the Sand” brings dozens out to Central Park
The coastal community of San Pedro is more motivated than ever to protect its waters by raising awareness on environmental policies and practices. On Saturday, May 20th, more than 20 environmental advocates participated in the annual “Hands Across the Sand”. Held at the Central Park, the gathering held hands along the beach in symbolic opposition of offshore exploration and drilling, as well as seismic surveying. Over 80 countries around the world partook in the event, and Oceana in Belize organized this symbolic activity in San Pedro, and across 13 other municipalities. This year, the campaign was also aimed at spreading the message of “saying ‘NO’ to filthy fuels and saying ‘YES’ to clean energy.”

Tiger Sharks; next win would seal the NEBL 2017 championship
The San Pedro Tiger Sharks are one step closer in becoming the 2017 National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) Champions, after defeating Belmopan Bandits in game one of a best-out-of-three game series. For the fourth consecutive year, the island team is seeking a championship, and with the first win in the 2017 NEBL finals, Game two is the most anticipated game of the season. San Pedro Tiger Shark’s Ashton Edwards was very instrumental in their victory, netting 18 points on 50% shooting from the field, and scoring three long-distance nets. The season’s MVP George Williams brought another impressive performance, tallying 15 points, three assists and two steals. Raul ‘Thumpy’ Roches registered a double-double with 15 points and 10 re bounds, and Kurt ‘Chengo’ Burges recorded 11 rebounds.

Ambergris Stadium is officially inaugurated
After its September 2015 project launch, the prestigious Ambergris Stadium was officially inaugurated on Sunday, May 21st. Coordinated by Belize Infrastructure Limited (BIL), along with the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC), and executed by AM Construction Company from the Orange Walk District, the $4.4 million state-of-the-art multi-purpose sporting arena was designed to transform sports professionalism on the island. Over 500 people were in attendance to enjoy great entertainment and football action. After the ribbon cutting ceremony, the Government officials were invited to tour the field, and even took turns at scoring a goal. Heredia, Faber, and Guerrero all made attempts, but only Guerrero was successful, and he drew much applause from the crowd. As Rompe Raja played, the football action began with an exhibition game from two Under-15 teams: the San Pedro Pirates, and A&B. Both teams were energized, but after many failed goal attempts, the game drew 0-0.

Ambergris Today

New Ambergris Stadium Officially Inaugurated To Promote Sports In San Pedro
The long-awaited inauguration of the San Pedro Ambergris Stadium on Ambergris Caye took place on Sunday, May 21, 2017, with much fanfare . Residents gathered to witness the cutting of the ribbon of this new project and wasted no time in making use of it. Pastor Clive Welch opened the ceremony with a short prayer. Mayor Daniel Guerrero expressed his sincere gratitude to those who have encouraged, promoted and participated in the sport of football: “From the San Pedro Football Field to Sacachispas and now the Hon. Louis Sylvester Sports Complex. It was from that old field that local football celebrities were born. They are local celebrities that now adorn our local hall of fame such as: Dimas, Spanish, Pancho Verde, Pelé, Steve, Chapo, Jaime, Panny Arceo, Chapin and more. Local football teams were: Los Atleticos, Espanoles, Los Diablos, Caribena, La Mafia, Ramon’s, Veterans, Mario Boys, Dolphins, my team Fido Rangers and much more.”

Belizeans Join Hands To Say ‘No’ To Filthy Fuels And Say Yes To Clean Energy
On May 20, 2017 at noon, Belizeans around the country joined hands on beaches, across bridges, along sea walls and in public areas to stand in solidarity against offshore oil development in Belize's economically important marine environment. Every year, activists and ocean-lovers host Hands Across the Sand events around the world to “draw a line in the sand,” and say “NO” to dirty fossil fuel projects, as well as call for a shift to clean, renewable energy like offshore wind and solar power. Every day, offshore oil accidents serve as grim reminders of just how deadly, dirty and dangerous the industry is and highlights the economic risks and environmental hazards posed by the activity to countries like Belize.

Misc Belizean Sources


Power wass out in Belize
but so as in Cancún, Playa del Carmen and Merida. Mexican grid is having problems.

Lazy Lizard BVB 2017 Prize awards

Commonwealth Day celebrations in Belize City
The Embassy was honored to participate in the Commonwealth Day celebrations in Belize City Monday!

2017 International Day Against Homophobia
We were proud to join Empower Yourself Belize Movement for the 2017 International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. During his remarks, Charge d'Affaires, a.i. emphasized that LGBTI rights are human rights, and noted that advancing the fair treatment of all people has long been a cornerstone of American democracy.

We will be painting from a picture once again this Thursday at canucks.


New GOB Controlled Fuel Prices
Effective Date: 24th May 2017. Regular goes down 39 cents to $9.87 a gallon. Kerosene also goes down.

Pok ta pok ball game
A few great action shots of the amazing pok ta pok ball game yesterday. The ball weighs 9lbs and is made purely of rubber! What a great day!

May 15th - May 21st , 2017 Belize Fishing Report
Very enjoyable week with a lot of great fishing. Sarah and Seth were the hosts of this week’s Orvis group. Lots of bonefish and plenty of laughter as we all had a wonderful time getting to know one another. Family and friends are what lodge life is all about; and everyone walked away with new friends and big smiles. Always a treat seeing new faces!

Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Workshop 2017
Day 1 of Disaster Preparedness Workshop - May 23rd & 24th, 2017.

Channel 7

UDP Chairman Forms BAC, Belizeans Against Courtenay
The Senate Inquiry into Immigration continues tomorrow - and the political rivalries are heating up. Today, UDP Chairman Alberto August put out a release on his Facebook page announcing the formation of a new ad hoc association to remove Eamon Courtenay as a Senator. It's called BAC, or "Belizeans Against Courtenay" and August says, quote, "The primary actions and objectives of BAC is to peacefully protest against Eamon Courtenay's actions and to call for his removal from the Senate." At last week's Wednesday hearing August was one of those hecklers in the gallery throwing words at Courtenay, even directing insults at his deceased father. On Friday - when August made it known that he was going all out against Courtenay - the PUP Senator said he doesn't acknowledge his existence:

Media Tells Senate Probe Chairman, Keep Yellowman Out
And while August is playing political games, the media isn't playing any games with the UDP hacks and hecklers who threatened and assaulted a journalist and two camera men at last week's hearings. Today, nine media houses - including this one - signed unto a letter addressed to Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee Aldo Salazar asking that Brian Yellowman Audinett be banned from the Senate hearings. The letter says, quote, "such aggression toward the media should not be countenanced while we are performing our duty and in the National Assembly…We therefore call on you and the Committee to disallow Audinett from returning to witness the proceedings in the gallery as he has grossly violated the sanctity of the National Assembly, which he himself serves….an attack of this nature on the media, if left unchecked, would speak ill of our country's commitment to a free, fair and democratic society...."

PSU Council Of Management Suspends President Eldred Neal
The Public Service Union's Council of Management has voted to suspend President Eldred Neal. The decision was taken at a meeting on Friday in Belmopan where we are told eleven of the 12 members present voted in favor of a suspension. There are 15 members on the council of management and 9 of them had already signed a letter calling for him to resign. But, Neal himself was not at the meeting, and so could not make a case in his own defence. That gives him grounds to challenge the council's decision on the basis of natural justice, and we are told he will do just that. Since his presidency is now being challenged under the constitution of the union, Neal is expected to lawyer up.

Evangelicals Call Out Cops for “Corrupt Law Enforcement”
And while Union President Eldred Neal is isolated, Pastor Luis Wade is anything but. Today, the National Evangelical Association of Belize - known as NEAB - gave a stout and spirited defense of the popular talk show host. The statement says, quote, "NEAB and its 250+ national churches expresses its shock and outrage at the bogus and biased charges brought against…Wade." It sternly admonishes the police, saying, quote "This type of biased and corrupt 'law enforcement' happens repeatedly and is part of why crime, violence, injustice, and corruption continue to be the order of the day in our nation…Police have (embraced) multiple bogus witnesses version of an event that never occurred." And then it hammers down with a rebuke, "Nonetheless, the whole event is recorded on video and in the Chronicles of God to Whom we will all give answer!"

Women Drowns Near Bermudian Landing, Body Recovered 48 Hours Later
And while there were no murders reported countywide over the long weekend, there were two drowning. The first we'll report on tonight happened on Sunday afternoon, when Denia Zelaya and her common-law-husband, police constable Dion Bellini went for a swim in the river at Bermudian Landing. It was a great day for a swim, but the river has raging currents, and she was pulled under. She never resurfaced and, today, two days later, our news team was there to report on the recovery effort. Here's Alex Courtenay with the story... Alex Courtenay reporting: As the summer rolls around, many Belizeans find themselves trying to beat the heat at the nearest river. Denia Zelaya, her common-law-husband and a few friends were doing just that on Sunday at a popular swim spot in Bermudian Landing, but the fun didn't last long.

Cops Say Drinking Led To Drowning in Valley Of Peace
And there is another drowning to report - and it happened in the Cayo District near Valley of Peace. Police say 26 year old Salvadoran farmer Jose Alberto Guiterrez had been drinking on Saturday and went swimming in the Colorado Lagoon near the Santander Factory. But he never returned home after his weekend dip. Police found his body floating in the lagoon on Sunday evening around 5:00. An onsite post mortem was done and it confirmed that he drowned, there were no signs of violence or foul play on his body.

Man With Belizean Roots Murders In “The Chi”
The US city of Chicago has recorded 235 murders so far for 2017, and tonight the news is about a Belizean-American with Belmopan roots who was killed there over the weekend. 35 year old Jermaine James, who is known as, "Jayblood Rasta" was stabbed to death in Chatham, a community in Chicago's Southside on Sunday night. News reports from Chicago say that at 11:48 James was in the 400 block of East 79th Street when he got into an argument with another man. The other man took out a knife and stabbed him multiple times all over his body.

Mother Says Principal Humiliated Her Son For Long Hair
A parent in Orange Walk is accusing her son's principal of humiliating and bullying him in front of the whole school. Evangelina Alamilla says she failed in cutting her 12 year old son's hair - and because of that the Principal at Solomon's Seven Day Adventist Primary School allegedly made an example of the standard four student at assembly time. Here's how his mother put it when she spoke to our colleagues at CTV-3: Evangelina Alamilla - Claims Principal Bullied Child: "She bullied my son because of his long hair. He told me, mom I need to cut my hair, I told him yes son. I am a working mom and I told him Saturday ill cut your hair. My kid came to school, in front of the assembly.

Duun Street Home Invasion At Candy House
A Belize City family continues to recover from a brutal home invasion in which gunmen stormed into their homes, and robbed them of thousands of dollars' worth of jewelry. It happened at Michael Acosta's Dunn Street home on Friday evening, sometime around 6 p.m., when he was at home with his common-law wife and their 2-year-old son. 2 men visited pretending to be interested in buying ice cream. Seen here, the family sells a number of treats under the name, "KY Kandy Krush". Thinking that the men were legitimate customers, Acosta opened the door to serve them, and that's when one of them pointed a gun at him. That assailant immediately kicked him and started to assault him, injuring his nose and mouth.

ITVET Shows Off
This week is Technical and Vocational Training week, and the 6 different ITVET schools from the different districts will be celebrating it with different activities. Today, though, they decided to team up in Belize City Open Day held at the Freetown Compound. It's a location that viewers may know very well, but today, the management and the student body invited the public in for demonstration. As they do every year, the ITVET puts on a sort of expo to show the diverse education that takes place there throughout the school year.

ITVET’s Taking The Business Challenge
Our news team also checked out the other event being held simultaneously on the ITVET Compound. It's called the ITVET Entrepreneurship Challenge, and the idea behind it is for each of the different district branches to compete against each other. They each have to come up with a product using the programs taught at the schools, and they must demonstrate that these products can create its own market niche to be successful. We took a look at a few of the product entries, and here's what they told us:

Cops Caught Kyle For Jacking Security Guard
Last week Kyle Latchman was released from police custody on bail after being charged with drug trafficking and three other offences. Today, Latchman was back in court, but this time he was charged with robbery. According to reports, a Police Mobile Unit pulled up to the corner of Dean and Regent Streets on Saturday and saw two men sprinting down the street. The cops pursued the men and caught up to one of them who they later learned was Latchman. Police said that Latchman refused to answer when asked why he was running however, not long after, security guard George Zetina appeared on the scene. Zetina told the officers that Latchman and two others had just robbed him of his cell phone, $100 cash and some personal documents with what appeared to be a firearm.

Man Charged For Arson Of Stepfather’s Home In OW
On the news, it seems like at least once a week, we report on cases of alleged arson - but there's very rarely an arrest. And that's what makes tonight different. Forty five year old Roy Mangar is behind bars at the Belize Central Prison on an arson charge after he allegedly set his step-father's house on fire over the long weekend. It happened on Saturday night on "Chips Alley" in the Louisiana Area of Orange Walk Town. Around 7:30 56 year old Lincoln Pratt was at work when hiss neighbors ran to tell him that his 18 by 20 feet wooden house was on fire. Pratt told CTV-3 that his stepson had told him he would burn down the house as a form of retaliation for abuse:...

Molotov Thrown At Belama Home
And while Orange Walk cops say that is a clear case of arson, Belize City police are investigating what looks like an attempt to burn down a family's home using a Molotov cocktail. At around 3 a.m. on Sunday, police went to a home in Belama Phase one where they met the 28-year-old owner, Andrew Ferguson. He reported to police that his wife woke him up after someone broken broken some sort of glass inside the house. He immediately checked and found the front wall of his home on fire, and he noticed a broken bottle which had the strong scent of kerosene. Apparently, someone threw it at their home, and one of the walls was set ablaze. He managed to put it out quickly. Police don't know yet who threw the incendiary.

Conserving Antiquities In The Event Of A Disaster
Over the past three years, we've brought you extensive coverage of the Maya Antiquities Road show that's traveled to five states in the US . Right now it's in Dallas, Texas. And overtime it travels between museums, conservators go to great pains to package all the pieces to withstand any shocks on the road. But what if, these delicate pieces do get damaged, do they just become write offs? American Conservator Newberry says they can actually be salvaged. Newberry held a workshop in Belize today on how to protect the collection and recover it after damage. Courtney Weatherburne was there and has more details. Artifacts are fragile, they have to be carefully handled and properly stored. And when they are finally put out on display, they certainly can't be touched, sat on or tampered with.

Haylock For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge With 14 Year Old
Lord's Bank resident, Dennis Haylock, appeared in the Magistrate's Court today where he was charged with unlawful sexual intercourse with a 14 year old girl. The minor made a report along with her mother and a social worker. She claims that she and her cousin were walking down the Lord's Bank Road when Haylock approached and began walking with them. The cousin continued on her way home, and the minor said she went with Haylock to his house. She spent the night there, and they allegedly had sex the next day. The girl apparently spent another night at Haylock's house, after which her mother called the police and went to retrieve her. The girl was examined by a doctor, who certified that she was carnally known.

Taking a Hand Against Oil
It's called "Hands Across the Sand" and on Saturday at noon, residents of 12 communities gathered around the country and joined hands on beaches, across bridges, along sea walls and in public areas to stand in solidarity against offshore oil development in Belize's economically important marine environment. It's an annual event organized by OCEANA.

Channel 5

Media Writes to Have Senate Committee Chair Ban “Yellow Man”
Media houses, including this station, have endorsed a letter to the Chairman of the Senate Special Select Committee which condemns the unprecedented and unprovoked actions of members of the United [...]

Alberto August of Belizeans Against Courtenay Apologizes for Press Attacks
Chairman of the United Democratic Party, Alberto August, this afternoon told News Five he was taking full responsibility for the attack on members of the press last week at the [...]

August Says They Will Return to Wednesday’s Hearing
August called on Leader of the Opposition John Briceño to remove Courtenay from the Senate, a decision Briceño has said previously he will not make. Courtenay is seen as the [...]

Eamon Refuses to Engage August
Even before today’s interview, August appeared on the U.D.P.’s Wave Radio Morning Show on Friday. Not only did he reiterate his intention to return to Wednesday’s meeting, but he challenged [...]

NEAB Stands Up for Pastor Louis Wade
Turning to another incident involving the media…We note that there has been no official statement from G.O.B. in respect of the assault by U.D.P. operatives on Marisol Amaya and other [...]

Naturalized Belizean Drowns in Belize River; Second Drowning Reported in Cayo
Two persons drowned over the weekend in separate incidents in the Belize and Cayo Districts. In Bermudian Landing, in the Belize River Valley area, twenty-three-year-old Denia Zelaya was with her [...]

Belizean Stabbed to Death in Chicago
There is a report from Chicago that a Belizean was fatally stabbed over the weekend. The thirty-five-year-old Jermaine Jones, who also goes by the name “Rasta Jayblood,” lived in south [...]

Teacher’s House Damaged by Explosive
This extended holiday weekend saw two fire-related incidents. In Belize City, a teacher sustained minimal damage to his residence, but in Orange Walk, the home of a security guard was [...]

Dennis Haylock Charged for Unlawful Sex with Minor
A Belize City engineer is tonight on remand at the Belize Central Prison after he was accused by a fourteen-year minor of sexual abuse on April sixteenth of this year. [...]

Search Continues for Accused P.G. Killer Simon Lino
Punta Gorda police are still looking for Simon Lino, accused of last Wednesday’s brutal stabbing murder of popular musician Lascelle Martinez. Lino is believed to have fled to neighboring Guatemala; [...]

Calcutta Teen Tops CANTO Video Contest
There’s some good news…On the occasion of World Telecommunication and Information Society Day on May seventeenth, the Caribbean Association of National Telecommunications Operators (CANTO) has announced that a Belizean won [...]

Senate Committee to Visit Immigration Department in Belmopan
The Senate Inquiry into the corruption at the Immigration Department resumes this Wednesday. At least two persons are scheduled to testify before the Senate Special Select Committee. Now, the Belize [...]

What are Legal Rights of Committee’s Witnesses?
As the Senate Special Select Committee swims into deeper waters, questions are rising as to what rights do witnesses who appear before it have and do not have. Two of [...]

How to Cash In on Registering Intellectual Property Designs
Do you have a special design or invention that can make lives easier and make money too? Then pay attention to our next story. The Belize Intellectual Property Office (BELIPO) [...]

ITVET Hosts Open Day
Technical and Vocational Education has traditionally been a field dominated by males, but this year, the program is aggressively proposing to change that to include women.  ITVET is holding activities [...]

Sports Monday with James Adderly
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend sporting activities...]

Residents across Twelve municipalities join hands as part of the Third Annual “Hands Across the Sand”. On May 20th at noon, Belizeans around the country joined hands on beaches, across bridges, along sea walls and in public areas to stand in solidarity against offshore oil development in Belize's economically important marine environment. Every year, activists and ocean-lovers host Hands Across the Sand events around the world to “draw a line in the sand,” and say “NO” to dirty fossil fuel projects, as well as call for a shift to clean, renewable energy like offshore wind and solar power.