Tonight one person is missing at sea after a tragic and terrifying boating accident. Eight Belizeans were travelling from Calderitas, to Sarteneja when their boat overturned. The passengers, all from Sarteneja, were thrown into the sea and had to find a way to survive for 10 hours at night in the open waters.

It happened at around 8:00 and early this morning, nine vessels set off to search for them. Luckily seven of the eight were found alive after an hour of searching. They were holding unto improvised flotation devices, and a few were able to find lifejackets. But they had become dehydrated, and debilitated by extreme fatigue.

The eighth passenger has been identified as Asita Flores, a young mother from Sarteneja. Flores, we are told, had made sure her daughter survived through the night until she suddenly went under.

The survivors were taken to the Corozal Community Hospital where they are being treated for various injuries. The search continues for Asita Flores.

Channel 7