Police Still Have No Conclusive Leads For Drew Devoursney and Francesca Matus

So, is there a connection between the murders of the two couples?  They were both killed in Corozal after a social outing, both found a distance from their vehicles, and both found in abandoned areas near Corozal town.  The differences?  Well the North Americans were found in a cane field; these two were found in a wooded area, and the North Americans, their vehicle wa snot burnt, but this one was.  Also, the cause of death for the North American couple was strangulation, in this case, it has yet to be determined.

Police said the investigation into Drew Devoursney and Francesca Matus is still very much open and no arrest has been made:…

Sr. Supt. Dennis Arnold, Officer Commanding - Corozal
"We are still waiting for forensic analysis to be completed so that's the hold up right now."

"The tenant, is he still a suspect at this time? Or not anymore?"

Sr. Supt. Dennis Arnold
"Well we are looking at all angles, I can't say that he's a suspect because he is at the police station once a week, I saw him, he came and spoke with me yesterday but we are continuing our investigation in relation to that matter."

And there's more on this story later on when we'll have the first interview with the family of Francesca Matus - who tells us why they aren't happy with the police's effort.

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