" Mexico announced yesterday that they will no longer allow Belizean buses to cross the border into Chetumal. This will be a blow to Belizean operators, a boom for Chetumal taxis, and extra cost for Belizeans visiting Chetumal.

The owners flatly refused to adhere to standards acceptable to Mexico and yet demanded reciprocity. Mexico agreed to allow time for them to get up to standard but that time has run out. Operators complained that enforcement of standards in Belize to meet the Mexican requirement will inevitably lead to a demand for higher fares. "


" Please be informed that starting as of tomorrow Saturday July 15th, 2017 ALL the buses that travel to Chetumal Quintana Roo won't be allowed to enter Chetumal.

As of tomorrow we will unloading and loading off passengers by the old Border by nearly in front of the casino. So ALL passengers will enter Chetumal Quintana Roo by the Santa Elena Border (Old Border).

Get a combi which is cheaper like $12 pesos per person to go in Chetumal and vice versa.

This was decided today after bus owners sat on a meeting with the Federal Police, SICCA, Transport Dept & Secretario de el Estado Chetumal this morning.

From: Omar Tillet Bus Line, Joshua's Bus Line, Silva's Bus Line, Chel's Bus Line Ltd, Chacon's Bus Line Ltd......et al. "