Mexican officials not barring Belize buses into Mexico

Belize bus companies traveling to Chetumal, Mexico, will no longer be traveling into that city, but will travel only to the northern border where the passengers will disembark, and they will have to make their own travel arrangements to and from Chetumal.

According to the bus companies, the changes were as a result of a meeting held with the local Chetumal officials, and the announcement was made on Saturday.

According to the announcement, the buses will travel up to the Casino near the border, where the passengers will disembark, and they will access the Mexican border, across the old Belize Mexico Bridge to Sub Teniente Lopez, the old crossing, and will return by that route.

This afternoon during an interview with Amandala at the Mexican Embassy in Belize City, Mexican Counselor Hugo Juarez Carillo told us that it is the decision of the local bus operators not to go to Chetumal. The Mexican government is not stopping them, he said, and no laws are passed forbidding them from going to the city, but they signed some agreement with the local government which have some requirements which the bus operators must abide by.

Belize buses have been given the old ADO Terminal to park in Chetumal, which is bigger and more comfortable for the passengers. Belize buses are welcome, said Carillo, but they must park at the terminal and abide by the Chetumal regulations.