Reading predictions for an active storm period starting in early august ....... here's my hurricane readiness list, what does yours look like?

service generator - done
extra fuel for generator - done
canned and dry goods - purchased and stored
extra meds - yep
extra dog and cat food - yes (also backup cat litter)
duct tape - get some!
tools - hammer, crowbar, chainsaw - have
emergency battery radio and extra batteries - have
waterproof flashlight - need to replace
walkie-talkie - purchased and charged
plywood - doing inventory today
sponges and old towels - got 'um
coconuts knocked down from trees? - coconut man coming this weekend
animal carriers in an accessible place - yes
plastic garbage cans cleaned and tested for leaks (intended use for water storage) - doing today
candles - have lots
lighter or water proof matches - have
propane tanks filled? - yes
rope - have 50', get 100' more

are you ready?? this could be an interesting year