With development escalating on the island of Ambergris Caye, tackling excessive garbage has been a major issue. Non-biodegradable items like plastic, glass bottles, Styrofoam, and aluminum accumulate on land and in the ocean, causing much harm to the environment. In an effort to reduce the strain on the environmental, several restaurants and bars in Ambergris Caye are switching from plastic and Styrofoam products to biodegradable alternatives. Moreover, they are hoping that their efforts can raise awareness about the ill-effects of plastic/Styrofoam to the environment.

David Jenkins, Co-owner at Sandbar Restaurant, became motivated after seeing a viral video of a sea turtle having a straw removed from its nose. Since then, he has paved the way for other businesses to make the transition from plastic to biodegradable paper. “We loved the idea of using biodegradable, especially since we’re a beachfront destination. We never liked using plastic because we usually make the effort to make sure the ocean is not congested with plastic. Hopefully more businesses do the same thing we have started, by switching to bio-degradable straws, containers, and to-go paper bags,” says Jenkins.

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