We have received reports that another highly contested policy will be heading the there in a few months. According to our sources, Cabinet has decided to send legislation that would uphold the moratorium on offshore oil exploration in Belize's territorial waters for an indefinite duration. A letter form the Prime Minister to the Vice President of OCEANA says government plans to take it to Parliament in October.

We'll have more information about this landmark decision for you in tomorrow's newscast. OCEANA and the Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage have been pushing to see this legislation passed since 2012.

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Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow has written a letter to Vice President of Oceana Belize, Ms. Janelle Chanona, informing her that Cabinet has decided to move to enshrine into law their policy decision to abstain from offshore oil exploration in Belize’s territorial sea and the exclusive economic zone.

According to the Prime Minister, the moratorium, which will be in effect indefinitely, will be presented to the House of Representatives in October of this year

It is expected that the legislation will receive bipartisan support in the House, and be well received in the environmental community.