After much anticipation and speculation, the route for the 2017 Carnival Road March has been confirmed.

It's been an unresolved issue for months now because authorities insisted that the safety hazards posed by the route were just too great: it blocked Belize's two major highways and the entrance to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for hours.

The carnival committee has been weighing multiple options and routes, and has finally made a decision. The vice president of the Committee told us what the route will be:..

Patrick Thompson, VP. - Belize Carnival Association
"Well I guess this is what everybody is being waiting to hear. Yes, you all know that there is a route change and the change route is we start at the original spot which is Caesar Ridge, we go into the Boulevard, then we go contrary to traffic in Vernon Street, we take a left into Youth For the Future Drive, we go into Douglas Jones, Cinderella Plaza, we take a left into Kelly Street, right into Baymen Avenue and a left into Princess Margaret Drive and finishing inside the Marion Jones where there will be an after party until 10pm."

"You feel this route is reaching everybody in Belize southside/northside?"

Patrick Thompson, VP. - Belize Carnival Association
"It is because when we go from Caesar Ridge and go all the way to Vernon Street then we only have a small number of people from Vernon Street to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and these people can surely line Vernon Street, Youth For the Future Drive and the other streets that we have change to."

Carnival is set for September ninth - and to go over the route once more - it starts as usual on Caesar Ridge Road, and goes up Central American Boulevard, but instead of crossing Belcan, it makes a right turn into Vernon Street and goes up to the Bel China Bridge, where it crosses, and heads over to Cinderella Plaza, turns unto Baymen Avenue - where it goes the whole length of that road, and then turns left into Princess Margaret Drive for the final stretch to the Marion Jones Sporting Complex where it ends.

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