We just got back to dreary Indiana last night. I am already making plans to go back to San Pedro early next year. My wife and I had an absolute BLAST!!!
1st off, I must start this report by saying the Staff at Victoria House was fabulous! I cannot imagine being treated any better than we were. 2nd, Victoria House is beautiful. We will definetely stay there on our next visit.
We ate at many of San Pedro's establishments, and had wonderful service and excellent food at each of them. My favorites eateries were; Caliente's, Estelle's, Celi's, Blue Water Grill, and Jambel's Jerk Pit.
The Mayan ruins at Lamanai are very impressive, but it is a full day trip. We were picked up on the dock at 7am and got back at 5pm. Ricky our guide from Sea-rious tours was super. He provided breakfast(Johnny Cakes & fresh fruit) and lunch(BQ chicken) along with lots of Belikin beers and Rum Punch. So we really didn't suffer during the long day. We also went Cave Tubing and to the Belize Zoo one day. Our guide - David Cunningham was truly remakrable. His knowledge about the flora, fauna, animals, topography, and the people of Belize was impressive. David was very proud of his country as many Belizians seem to be. As part of this trip, we ate lunch at Cheers. Cheers is a small Cafe just off the highway. If you go there, I recommend the stewed chicken withbeans and rice. Lastly, we went snorkeling at Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley. It is was outstanding. However, one of our new friends from the island, got his fingers bitten by a Nurse Shark. Fortunatley, enough Belikin was injested to dull the pain, and a full recovery is expected.
I don't want to ramble on any longer, so I will close for now. To recap- the people on the island of A.C. are wonderful, the scenery at Victoria House was beautiful, and the food is 1st rate. Just be sure to leave your fancy clothes at home, and go island style. Sandals or barefeet, shorts or swim suit, and a tee shirt wherever you go!