We planned all of our trips with Javier the Activities Director at Victoria House. We told him what we wanted to do and when. He took care of all the details. The Cave Tubing and Belize Zoo was an all day trip. We flew to Municipal at 8am, and flew back to AC at 5:30pm. I'm sure there are many excellent guides, but David Cunningham was extraordinarie. It was just David and my wife and I. The cost was $95.00 per person + $52.00 per person for airfare! If my math is correct, that is $147.00 per person.
We ate Dinner at Victoria House our 1st night on the island, and it was very good. My wife wore a simple sundress, and I wore nice short and polo style shirt. Anything beyond that type of attire, and you will be way over dressed. I would advice the guys to leave all of the long pants at home. Hell I didn't shave for a week, and wife didn't feel the need to wear make-up! We were probably pretty scary looking, but who cares. Realx and enjoy it! You will love Victoria House.