Miss San Pedro And St. George's Caye Day Celebrations

San Pedro’s newest beaty ambassador, Miss San Pedro 2017, Virginia Vasquez was officially presented with her crown and scepter to commence her reign during today’s 10th September/St. George’s Caye Day celebrations.

The celebrations are part of the country’s official September Celebrations leading up to Independence Day on September 21. The program included short speeches by San Pedro Mayor Daniel Guerrero, Area Representative/Minister of Tourism Manuel Heredia. Belizean artist Jael August entertained with her rendition of the National Anthem of Belize and a few Belizean songs. After the ceremony a student parade ensued through the streets of downtown San Pedro culminating at Central Park were residents enjoyed a beautiful day by the beach.

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St George's Caye Day celebrations and Miss San Pedro coronation in San Pedro!
Miss San Pedro coronation and parade. Happy 10th of September to all Belizeans at home and a broad! Hip hip hurray!

Two crowns, one queen!
Two women were crowned Queen of the Bay (QOB) today at the launch of the September Celebrations, but only Ms Dangriga, Aaliyah Ysaguirre will be recognized as the official queen. During the coronation of Ms Ysaguirre this morning at the Memorial Park, National QOB Committee Chair, Zenaida Moya, went on stage with a separate crown, scepter and sash to pronounce Orange Walk Queen, Esmeralda Cal, Queen of the Bay at the same time outgoing QOB Christalyn Castillo was doing the official handing over to Ysaguirre. The Mistress of Ceremonies, Shari Williams eventually had to ask the police to escort Moya off the stage, and Ms Orange Walk went with her. Following the display, carried on live television, Ms Emma Boiton, original coordinator of the QOB Committee, issued a letter announcing that Moya had been dismissed immediately from her post as Committee Chair.

Titans Mas Band wins carnival competition
Titans Mas Band has emerged the winner of the senior division for Carnival Road March competition 2017. Titans, who appeared as the fourth senior band in the carnival line-up, secured the victory with 595 points for their presentation entitled, “Celebration of Life.” Mother Nature’s Creation came in second with 538 points, while Soca Moca Carnival Band, third with 523. In the Junior band division, the Mahogany Masqueraders took first place with 563.5 points, while Black Pearl and Trench Town Masqueraders took second and third with 559 and 494 points respectively. Bands scored points for: the durability of their costume, creative use of colors and carnival spirit, and for their performances in mass camp inspections held before carnival day.

Happy September 10th! A Parade, Immigrant Life – A Sunday Morning in San Pedro
There is always celebration and HUGE fireworks on the eve before. But last night…at about 8:30pm, torrential rains hit and the party was cancelled. This morning a parade was scheduled – the uniform parade – and I headed to town. Spoiler alert: With all the wind being sucked into gigantic Hurricane Irma thousands of miles away, it is HOT right now. And I didn’t make it to the parade. But here is what I saw this Sunday morning, September 10th in San Pedro town. The kids were supposed to be at the football field by 9am. Let’s just say that my arrival at 9:30 meant I was WAY early. A few of the souvenir vendors were open. I keep meaning to buy one of these woven straw bags for grocery shopping. Retro-chic.

2017 Fireworks Display in Corozal ; A Saturday evening Celebration At Maimi Beach
On, Saturday, September 9th, 2017 the Corozal people came out to enjoy September Celebration night eve at Maimi Beach, Corozal. This main event in Belize is celebrated a day before September 10. To respect the National Holiday of Belize. In Corozal, the main event was where everyone had gathered to await the fireworks at Maimi Beach. Also, live music was being played for people to enjoy. A number of people came out to either dance, sing or just watch everyone else. This band played until the Wee hours to celebrate Sepemtmber month. At 12midnight, the colorful fireworks display was lite up. I started recording the fireworks display and during my recording, I enjoyed watching the fireworks. I saw Children and adults from all ages enjoying the fireworks. some gathered in front of the Mirador Hotel and some stay at Maimi Beach. It was great to see this event happening in Corozal and I hope the town keeps up the good work for the town to enjoy. Here are some pictures and videos of last nights event.

Mini Parade in Corozal as part of the September Celebration 2017
The month of September is usually the fun part of your visit while being in Belize. I went to take pictures of a mini parade in Corozal. And, this mini parade is to collaborate the month of September to showcase the celebrations of Belize. 25 motorist came out for the parade. And, at midnight tonight there will be fireworks at Miami Beach.

Video: Queen of the Bay, 1hr45min.

Video:The video of the moment the QOTB ceremony went viral, 8min. Here is a video of the spectacle that happened at Queen of The Bay crowning at the Official 10th of September Celebrations for Saint Georges Caye Day. I apologize for the quality because I took the video with my phone. I just had a sick feeling in my stomach that something was going to happen so I recorded it and could not believe what I was seeing.

Belize Carnival 2017

2017 Belize City Carnival Parade