Amateur home movie of British Honduras after Hurricane of 1931
After effects of Hurricane. Damage after. British colonial car loaded onto ferry. Railway. Belize City devastated. Choppy waves at sea from boat. Wind bending palm trees. Empty small boat bobbing. Ships launch. Still pictures of devastation and panoramic sweeps. Ships on dry land. Many vultures in trees. Ruined church. Houses upside-down. Belize guard of honour. Flag. Manual workers pulling ferry across river on ropes with chauffeur. Pith helmets of British civil servants. Narrow gauge railway - open and passengers sit sideways on four seater motor driven car on tracks.. Bridge. Natives. Pig.

Getting a glimse of Belize City in the 1930's using the Huntley's Film Archives. At around 8:26 you will see the ferry that was used before the Haluover Bridge was built. The area and the bridge was called Haulover because that is where the logs were hauled over after floating down the river. Driving over the Haulover Bridge going North on the right hand side on the banks of the river, one will notice a slab of concrete. I always wondered what that was used for. According to the film ( at 8:26), that was where the ferry docked as it came across the river.

Other interesting shots in the film is the Government House with some of the other buildings that were on the property before the 1931 hurricane. Loyola Park before and after the same hurricane.