September 15th, 1779 - Notwithstanding the Treaties of 1667, 1670 and 1763, His Majesty's Subjects, without any provocation having been offered on their part, and without any notice having been given on the part of Spain, of any difference or War existing between the two Crowns, were attacked at St. George's Key, in the most hostile manner bv His Catholic Majesty's forces, and subjects; and not only robbed of all their property, and effects; but their persons seized and treated in the most ignominious manner; some were blindfolded, others put in irons, and all of them who were captured, were marched up the country to Merida, and afterwards countermarched, and shipped off to the Havana in Cuba; and there detained as prisoners until the month of July 1782, when the survivors were permitted to return to Jamaica. Such of the Settlers that escaped on board His Majesty's ships Badger and Racehorse, that fortunately appeared in the evening, were taken to Jamaica, but the greatest number settled at Roatan.

Source: Honduras Almanack 1829

P.S. It was because of this experience that the Baymen decided that they had had enough of the Spanish and they would not let the Spanish do this to them again. So on September 10th, 1798, they fought the Spanish with everythiing they had and we all know how that ended.