From Belmopan...

TS NATE appears to have passed Belize and on its way up towards Cancun for this evening or night, where it will have more significance than it was to Belize. Also now it does look as if there is some significant rotation and having been over open sea, has probably increased in strength, so it is now probably a real Tropical Storm, now listed at over 50 mph, and will probably go very close to, or even over Cancun.

We will continue to get air and cloud from the NW for another day or so, but otherwise little after effect.


NEMO and the Met Service hereby informs the public that as at 6:00 a.m., local time Tropical Storm Nate with winds of 45 miles per hour was located near 17.8 North Latitude and 84.8 West Longitude or approximately 240 miles East of Belize. The pressure was at 996 milibars. Nate is moving to the north-northwest at 14 miles per hour. The main threat to Belize is expected to be mostly thunderstorms and heavy rain which are causing localized flooding. Rainfall amounts expected to increase along the coast and north today TS Nate moves east of Belize as it moves into the Gulf of Mexico later today.

People in low-lying areas are advised to move to higher grounds. If you need to go to a shelter, know which shelter you will go to and workout how you will reach the shelter.

It is not advised to venture out to sea. Fishers and people on the Cayes should continue monitor Tropical Storm Nate. Crossings; in the Cayo district the Succotz Ferry is closed, and in the Stann Creek district, the Coastal road is closed due to flooding.The public is advised to stay out of flood waters.

Drivers are reminded to reduce their speed, put on their low beam, and hazard lights when driving in wet conditions.Do not drive through flood waters.

For more information on Tropical Storm Nate, check the Daily Tropical Report, click here.