Hello everyone,
I am in the works of starting up a personal chef service in the Placencia area. I currently own one in Austin, TX. My goal is to bring the great foods of Belize into a fine dining experience in the comfort of your home, pop up dinners in various locations, catered events and weekly meals for folks focusing on health issues or who are too busy to cook during the week. My plan is to bring all of the great local culinary stars together to expand into a catering company. I am working on my self employed work permit and researching the process of getting residency started. I am trying to connect with as many people before we make the big move within the next couple of years. My husband, daughter and I come to visit multiple times a year as we have family in Belize city as well as Placencia...My husband is a veteran and artist that will be looking into work as well. All the advice about the area will be much needed as well as meeting locals who we can get to know. smile Thanks and cheers to you all!

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