From Belmopan...

There is not much difference in our weather than has been for the last few days, except the flair-ups are nearer the coast and on the coast line, and one further inland on Cayo. The Caribbean wind is from the east, bringing the rain inland, the high level, clashing, causing the flair ups is coming up from the south. The air is generally cooler, both as a result and from that cool air that came down from the north a day or two ago.

Looks like much of Belize will be cloudy and some rain today, a little sun over the mountains.

This picture very clearly shows the swell-ups all along the coast and inland over Cayo, they have flattened out by now as some of the rain has eased off.

Temperatures in Belmopan :
( Coast usually cooler, hills even cooler ) Thu max. 28C 82F Last night min. 24C 73F

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Caye Caulker: