hi everyone,

you know it all seems like good news from st matthews but if you go to their website--there is some conflicting news. the belize international airport is CLOSED so i dont know how exactly the planes from Ambergris Caye are going to land. maybe they'll just parachute the students down. listen, i dont want to bring everyone's hopes down, but thats the reality. not until the airport is open will any flights be able to land or take off. so i dont completely understand what they mean by saying that the students are currently being evacuated. is that like right now--or are they still planning it all out. i also called the school and the lady I spoke to was not sure when the evacuations would occur--just that they would occur. and they say that they have a list of the students--well why won't they post it---either on their site or here. wouldnt that help out. so, folks dont like hold your breath for a list. not until we receive a call from our loved ones can we be sure that they are ok. im sorry for being so down. i really hope that the school is trying its best to help the students out.