Local authorities slow to respond

Throughout the country of Belize, control and proper maintenance of garbage is a growing problem, and Ambergris Caye is no exception. Residents of the Marina Drive area have been complaining that trucks are dumping garbage near their private properties or in the surrounding empty lots and streets. Social Media post shows a video of an unmarked truck clearly dumping bags of garbage onto empty lots and streets. The post alleges that the garbage comes from resorts north of the Island, and has been transported by one of the many private truck services of the island.

The San Pedro Sun made many attempts to speak with Councilor in charge of Solid Waste Management Ruben Gonzalez, but he indicated that only the Mayor is authorized to give a statement. Attempts to speak with Mayor Daniel Guerrero have been futile. However, The San Pedro Sun was able to speak to People’s United Party Mayoral Candidate Andre Perez. Perez said he prefers not to speculate on who is dumping the garbage now. “I’m not sure if the garbage being dumped there is from the north resorts or if the Town Council is aware of it,” he said. The residents of the area are also claiming that they have called the Town Council several times, asking for the Mayor to come and see for himself what is happening. However, to date, Mayor Daniel Guerrero has not responded.

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