Weeks of Oct. 30th thru Nov. 5th, 2017

Weather Conditions: Mostly sunny with some periods of rain.

Winds: East to Northeast winds 10-15mph.

Air Temperature: Highs in the low 80’s lows in the lower 70’s.

Water Temperature: Temp: 83 F. degrees.

Sunrise: 5:52 am Sunset: 5:20 pm

Moonphase: First Quarter.


BONEFISH (Macabi): Another week of good fishing for Bonefish. With the water temperature cooling slightly and the calmer winds, the larger bonefish are staying on the flats. Several anglers landed fish over five pounds, which is a big bonefish around here. The largest bonefish in the lodge’s history is eight pounds, so over five is awesome! Mariano, while fishing in the lagoon with Joey and Heather, hooked bonefish estimated to be over six pounds.

PERMIT (Palometta): The permit bite is remaining productive, but as usual can be challenging to keep on the line. More fish hooked than landed, and anglers are coming back to the lodge with stories of the one that got away. Mike and Brian did, however, manage to land some and Brian landed two during his stay. Good job Brian and Mike!

TARPON (Sabalo): The tarpon are much more receptive to anglers than the permit this week and have been willing to tug hard on the line. Wanda, on her first Tarpon trip, jumped a one-hundred-pound tarpon and landed a fifty pounder. Steve, Wanda’s fishing partner also landed a fifty pounder, and Brian managed to boat a sixty-five pounder, while Pete’s tarpon was nearly eighty pounds.

OTHER SPECIES: Snapper, jacks, barracuda, grouper, ladyfish and snook.

GRAND SLAM: No Grand Slams this week.


FOR BONEFISH - Christmas Island Specials in orange, pearl and pink size 6 & 8.

FOR PERMIT - Peterson Shrimp, Mantis shrimp and Avalon crabs and Squimp.

FOR TARPON - Toads and bunnies, black on black, chartreuse, red on black, tan and olive and white all continue to work well.

This Week’s Summary:

It was nice having the Baton Rouge group this week, and we will look forward to Ian’s return.

Fish On!