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Hey friends, do us a little favour. Click on link below and scroll down to help Rowan Garel become the Caribbean Tourism Organisation Youth Ambassador.

Who is Rowan Garel? Well he's a Belizean who had crossed more things off his bucket list by the age of 15 than most of us will do in a lifetime. Things like climbing Victoria's Peak (Belize highest summit) and diving the Great Blue Hole. He also walked across the country to raise money for charity.

Oh, did I mention he was born blind?

I don't need to appeal to my fellow Belizeans. We are all in awe of this amazing young man. But Belize is one of the smallest countries in the Caribbean and that puts Rowan at a disadvantage when it comes to getting votes. So I am asking you, my friends in Belgium, USA, and elsewhere to take 30 seconds to click the link, scroll down to Rowan's photo, and click on the heart shaped icon to vote.

Thank you!!


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