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The San Pedro Sun

Victim disappointed with San Pedro Police response to sexual assault report
A young American female tourist claims to have been sexually assaulted on Sunday, December 17th, while biking in northern Ambergris Caye. The victim claims that a Hispanic man on a three-wheeler motorcycle approached her on a feeder road as she and a friend were heading towards the beach and forcibly groped her genitals. After the ordeal and with the help of a local family that happened to be around the area at the time, the police were called and following a report at the police station, the alleged perpetrator was detained. However, the person has not been charged and police say the matter is pending a thorough investigation. The victim, who wishes to stay anonymous, told The Sun that she arrived in San Pedro Town on Saturday, December 16th for a week stay. The following day in the morning, she and another friend decided to go biking north of town looking to explore the northern part of the island. According to her they observed a narrow pathway to the east and decided to traverse it hoping it led to the beach.

Developer of new International Airport accused of fraud
Shortly after the Government of Belize signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the construction of a multi-million international airport in northern Ambergris Caye with International Airport Alliance Belize Limited (IAA), its developer Jorge Abraham Jaen has come under much scrutiny following accusations of being a fraudster. A dissemination of documents shows that Jaen’s past accuses him of making false representations to obtain loans and was arrested in 2006 on charges of fraud, with a previous conviction for conspiracy to commit extortion and voter fraud. However, despite such serious accusations, the IAA has come forward to defend him and allegedly nothing has changed in the plans for the execution of works at the Basil Jones Area of the island where construction for the Efrain Guerrero International Airport will take place within the next 12 months.

San Pedro Lions host annual Christmas dinner party for island senior citizens
On Wednesday, December 20th, the San Pedro Lions Club hosted their popular Senior Citizen Christmas party. The annual event, organized for the senior residents of San Pedro Town saw live music, good vibes, drinks, gifts and a delicious turkey dinner for the specially invited guests. Members of the San Pedro Lions Club along with the Leos warmly welcomed the guests, who started arriving at 6PM. Once they were seated they were served an appetizer, followed by the main course and then a sweet dessert. Each one of the senior guests were provided with tickets, some were for the presentation of gifts later in the evening, while the others were to obtain free drinks. Serenading the event was no other than the island’s number one band Rompe Raja! This year, the staff of the Belize Bank provided gifts and along with the Lions and the staff from DFC they handed them out.

David Cannon wins custody case of three daughters
David Cannon, the adoptive father of Faye Lin Cannon and her three sisters, received the best Christmas present on Wednesday, December 20th, after the family court in Belize City granted him complete custody of his three daughters Zoe, Mia and Siri. Cannon had been battling to gain custody of his three daughters since July of this year when they were put under the care of Belize Human Services Department after their sister, 13-year-old Faye Lin was found dead in her bedroom on July 3rd. Prior to the incident, the children were living with their adoptive mother Anke Doehm and her husband David Dohem on Ambergris Caye. Both were arrested after they became the prime suspects of Faye’s death following a post-mortem examination revealing that the little girl was murdered and sexually abused.

Ambergris Today

David Cannon Reunites With Three Daughters After Receiving Full Custody
A Christmas Miracle - On Wednesday, December 20, 2017, David Cannon was granted custody of his three daughters by the Belizean court after what seemed an eternity, following the death of his fourth daughter Faye Lin Cannon on July 3, 2017. The entire country of Belize breathes a sigh of relief knowing that David’s three daughters are back with their father who has gone above and beyond in obtaining full custody of them and away from harm’s way in the hands of Anke Doehm. Friends close to Cannon explain how he did everything in his power to make sure that his girls were properly taken care throughout the time they were held in custody of Children Services in Belize during the custody trial.

Misc Belizean Sources


It's the most wonderful time of the year - Christmas! Indeed it was wonderful! The San Pedro Town Council hosted a Christmas Lunch to its employees at E Patio Restaurant where they enjoyed delicious food and cold drinks to celebrate the season. The employees had a chance to take a spin at the Wheel of Fortune, where they had the chance to win a surprise gift, cash prize or a wine bottle. It was definitely so much fun as everyone were biting their nails hoping it would fall on the cash prize! It was a great, and very much deserved event for our employees! Thank you for all that you do and may you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018!

Abandoned Angels
These guys were abandoned today at Dr. Sheila's and need a home. One is an adult apricot colored poodle with a trimmed coat about 2 or 3 years old who is very thin but very friendly. The other 2 are female puppies about 5 or 6 weeks old. Can you help or do you know anyone who can? Please contact Sheila: Sheila K. Schmeling, DVM. Corozal Veterinary Clinic. # 16 San Andres Rd. Corozal Town, Belize 422-2519. [email protected]

Mahogany Bay Market Day
The last Mahogany Bay Market Day happens the Saturday before Christmas, from 10AM – 1PM! The market will take an extended hiatus for 2018. Drop by for live music, last-minute handcrafted presents, and stock up on homemade food & drink for your holiday parties!

Even Santa knows
It's Better at Lina Point Overwater Cabanas...

15th Annual Placencia BTIA Art Festival 2018
Feb 10, 2018 at 5 PM to Feb 11, 2018 at 8 PM

St. Francis Xavier Credit Union's Annual Christmas giveaway!
Every year our St. Francis Xavier Credit Union brings Christmas cheers to our Corozal community and we are so grateful for it. Thank you St. Francis Xavier Credit Union. We wish you and your staff a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

The Nukux Tat(Tata Duende) and the Yucatec Maya in Belize
Nukux Tat or The Tata Duende is a goblin of folklore of Belize. The Tata Duende is a famous folklore common to the Yucatec Maya(Maya Mestizo) culture . In Yucatec Maya is known as 'Nukux Tat' , The name Tata is a maya word meaning "grandfather" and Duende is spanish for"Goblin" also known as "el Dueno del monte" considered as a powerful spirit that protects animals and the jungle. Many Maya Yucatec Maya ask permission to the Nukux Tat before entering the Bush or before entering to hunt. Some Yucatec Maya in Belize perform a Primicia Called Jetz lu'um its done for the prosperity of the land . Also during that offering they ask the Nukux Tat(Los Duenos del monte) protection from Mal Aire(Bad Breeze) which is believe to damage the land and those who inhabit them including Humans and animals. The Tata Duende is generally described as being of small stature that has a size of about 1.2 m high, has a beard, is wrinkled, lacks thumbs, has his feet backwards, and wears a large brimmed hat. He is characterized as a very short but very strong man with his feet pointing backwards.

Maya Folklore of the Xtabai
We all know the Maya Folklore of the Xtabai but do we know it's origin ? Una de las historia sobre el origen del Xtabai esta en espanol y en ingles gracias por el apoyo y vamos a mantener nuestra cultura Maya viva en el norte de Belize . Let's preserve our Yucatec Maya culture in Belize . A legend of Xtabay (the female demon) tells of two women who lived in a village in the Yucatán Peninsula. One was named Xkeban (which means "sinner", "bad woman" or "one who practices illicit love"); the other was Utz-Colel (a good, decent woman).

The U.S. Embassy is pleased to announce a call for applications for the 2018 Study of the U.S. Institutes (SUSI) for Secondary School Educators. Please read the program overview and share it with qualified partners and contacts. Self-nominations are accepted. Nominations, including resumes, should be sent to [email protected] with the subject line: SUSI for Secondary School Educators. Application deadline is January 10, 2018.

Sweety Dee's now open in Ranchito village, Corozal

Capital United Vs Frank Eddy
Sat Dec 23 2017 at 08:00 pm. Isidoro Beaton Stadium, Ring Road, City of Belmopan, Belmopan, Belize As we enter our final games of the regular season in d Belmopan First Division Opening Tournament. So its on for Sat night at 8pm against Frank Eddy in a game we must win if we will give ourselves a chance at the playoff. Calling out all my players.

Rotaract Club of Corozal One Year Anniversary
Congratulations for a job well done! The Rotaract Club of Corozal is very honored to be serving our community for one year now. It has been a roller coaster of emotions, challenges, trials and successes but we made it through and will keep going strong....because that is the Rotaract Life!

Channel 7

The UN Vote Against The US, Play-By-Play
Last night, we told you how 128 countries, including Belize, passed a resolution in the United States General Assembly rebuking US President Donald Trump. The resolution calls for the United States to drop its recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Now, for those viewers who are unaware, Jerusalem remains the flashpoint of a territorial dispute between Israel and Palestine. Both nations claim that holy city as their capital. To keep the peace, the UN has been supporting what is called the "Two-State" solution, where Jerusalem is divided between them. As a mark of respect for the very fragile state of affairs, nations have placed their ISRAELI embassies in Tel Aviv, not Jerusalem.

Why Belize Did Not Stand With Trump, Despite Threats
So, as you heard in Ambassador Nikki Haley's speech to the UN General Assembly, the United States appears to interpret the actions of those countries which supported the vote as an "attack". Belize supported the vote, and so today, we sought out Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington for comment on the possible negative consequences of that decision. In his interview with us, Elrington read from the letter that Ambassador Lois Young sent to US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, in response to her letter stating that President Trump was watching how each nation votes. Here's what Belize wrote to the US:

Will Belize Support Call For New Elections In Honduras?
We also asked Foreign Minister Elrington what position Belize will take on the disputed elections in Honduras. It's been weeks since the country had its presidential election, and the right-wing Honduran President, Juan Orlando Hernandez, has been declared the victor. But those results have been strenuously contested by his political opponent Salvador Nasralla Salum, who has alleged that the incumbent president stole the election. In the aftermath, Honduras has been plunged into turmoil and nationwide protests broke out.

Brazen Robberies In Corozal
Christmas may mean caring and sharing for most of us, but for criminals it means robbing and jacking. Proof of that came yesterday in Corozal town when two businesses were targeted by daring armed robbers. A pair of armed and unmasked robbers targeted MIR's Jewelry Shop in the near the town's center around 6:00 yesterday evening. Reports say the storeowner was preparing to close up, when two men strode up and smashed the glass showcase with a crowbar - to get at the jewelry inside. One of them then pulled out a gun and ordered the storeowner to hand over his money. But he didn't hand over anything and protected the jewelry in the show-window. He did it so effectively that the un-masked robbers were forced to beat a hasty retreat. Surveillance video in the area shows the pair casually walking towards the jewelry store seconds before the robbery. Police haven't made any arrests.

Man Shot While Sitting In Car
A man was shot at last night in Belmopan. 20 year old Armenia resident Jose Amilcar Najera was sitting inside his parked car along the ring road when someone in a pickup drove up and fired at him. He was hit to the lower chin and left palm. Police are investigating.

Still No Answers For Men Missing For Many Weeks and Months
As we close 2017, the media, the public and the police remain puzzled as to what could have happened to two missing men - who seemingly disappeared into thin air. 49 year old Belize City resident Mark Pollard went missing on a morning run in early July, and 83 year old Sandhill resident Hubert Richards went missing in mid-November. Their families have been following up on leads for weeks and months - but still, no sign, and no close as to where these men could be. Now, as they face Christmas without their loved ones - we asked police for an update. The lead investigator said that police continue working with the families, and are equally clueless:

COMPOL Says 2018 Will See A Better Police Department
In last night's news, we had extensive coverage of the police press press conference where Commissioner Allen Whylie gave a statistical overview of major crime in 2017. He also talked about the plan to bring down the murder total in 2018. That means new anti-gang legislation. He outlined the new gang legislation:

Police Minister Looks forward to CABEI Security Project Rollout in 2018
And a lot of the promise for police in 2018 comes from the fact that there's 30 million US dollars from CABEI to spend on the Belize Integral Security Programme. That's what the Police Commissioner says will be used on a number of new police buildings in the Corozal and Belize Districts. And it's also why the Minister of State says he's excited about 2018:...

Can Cops Cuff "The Moving Hands" Behind Crime
And like the commissioner, Aragon is eager to crack down on gangs. Speaking in generalities, he says the approach in 2018 will be intelligence driven:... Hon. Elodio Aragon, Minister of State, Police: "In 2018 we are looking for a more focus and intelligence driven police department that will be able to act smarter in terms of working smarter, not necessarily harder, but smarter and able to deal with the people who are actually the masterminds behind most of the crime situations that we have." We should note that glib talk about an "intelligence-based" approach is something we've heard form successive ministers to little effect - and we've now come to accept it as just another police platitude.

Cops Concede They Were Wrong About Circumstances Of Leon Usher Shooting
Since ACP Chester Williams took over the Professional Standards Branch, at any given time he's got dozens of open investigation files on his desk. And yesterday, he addressed almost ten of them which have garnered public attention. That included the case of Leon Usher. Police responded to a domestic disturbance in early November, where they said he made threats and tried to grab the police officer's gun. Usher says that's just a plain old lie; he says the police just got there, cursed at him and then opened fire. ACP Williams said that indeed the account put out by police was inaccurate, but the police shooter and the victim also happen to be relatives:

Family Claims Cops Planted Bullet, But Surveillance Camera Wasn't Recording
There won't be any such tidy ending to a case of alleged police wrongdoing in the Port Loyola Area. The family of Alex and Austin Underwood had claimed that police planted a live round in their yard. This is after two men were remanded for possession of a single round of ammunition. But, the Underwood's said it was a setup and that they had a security camera in their yard which would prove this. They handed over the recorder to ACP Williams to prove this - but he said, the outcome was not what the family thought it would be:

It Wasn't Cops Who Beat Ara
And, in a final bit of police internal affairs housekeeping, there's the case of Tray Ara. In October they made a public outcry, saying that San Ignacio police had badly brutalized 21-year-old Tray Ara while he was in custody. It turns out that indeed he was beaten in the cell block, but it was another prisoner who did it. Williams explained: Ara had to be hospitalized for a couple of days following the fist fight due to head and neck injuries.

BEL's Christmas Gift To Western Villages
While you may be hoping for your favorite gift under the Christmas tree, residents of the small villages of Selena, Santa Teresita, Los Tambos and San Marcos in the Cayo District got the best gift of all: Electricity. BEL is still setting up the power lines, but by the end of the year, villagers who once used candlelight and paper fans will soon be able to plug in the real thing. The villagers shared their excitement on this groundbreaking development. The first plan to connect these villages was put forward a decade ago, but it never happened because of difficulties routing power lines around Spanish Lookout.

Cops and Kids, Turning Water Into A Friend
40 children from the Belmopan area got a great gift from the Capital Cops and the Coast Guard: they learned how to swim! Belmopan police set up the program to impart an important life skill to the children - and also to make them safer in a country with so many water resources. John Carr from Banana Bank Lodge donated the use of his pool and today - after a week of training by the Coast Guard, they all graduate. A statement from Belmopan police says it's all about creating safer communities and narrowing the gap between the community and the police.

Hampers For the Elderly
And police were also doing valuable community work in Belize City, where 12 more Southside residents received Christmas Hampers. The police officers from Precinct 1 delivered the Hampers this afternoon to needy elderly persons. For some's the only gift they will unwrap this Christmas. We went along to meet the grateful residents. The police delivered to residents of Tigris Street , Dean Street and Faber Road.

Cops Put In The Work
And while we do a lot of police publicity on the news - the truth is this weekend when many of us are enjoying our Christmas with family and friends, they will be on duty, in many cases, far from the comforts of home. Minister of State for Home Affairs Elodio Aragon - who was once a cop himself - noted their sacrifice:.. We also note the sacrifice of medical staff who keep hospitals staffed and running, and media workers here at Channel 7 and other media houses who keep radio and television stations on the air throughout the holidays.

How Is The Christmas Coming?
And, so, another Christmas has rolled around… and the big day is just two days away. But are Belizeans really ready for Christmas? Or has the feverish, last minute preparation just started? Well that's what we tried to find out today when Sahar Vasquez hit the city streets and the shopping centers:

The City At Night
And from all of us here at Channel 7 to all of you, our faithful viewers, we HOPE YOU HAVE A BLESSED HOLIDAY. We hope that you pass the holidays safe, and happy, sharing this special season with family or friends. Join us back here on Wednesday night - and until then, merry Christmas! We leave you with the sight of Albert street this evening into night - as shoppers make that last minute rush.

Channel 5

Murder Count is Even, but ComPol Promises Reduction in 2018
With only nine days to go in 2017, crime statistics for the past twelve months indicate that there are equal numbers of homicides recorded between this year and 2016.  That [...]

Gangs the Main Cause; City Rules the Roost Again
The introduction of Operation ACT, a direct law enforcement response to the spike in violent crimes during the months of September and October, has, to a certain extent, stemmed the [...]

The Stick for Gangsters; New Laws Will Target Them
The feud among inner city gangs, particularly during the aftermath of ACP Chester Williams’ departure from his previous post as Commander of Eastern Division South, is responsible for the upsurge [...]

Operation ACT Has Reduced Friction and Tension
The Belize Police Department, despite its many internal challenges this year, is beating its chest proudly and basking in the success of Operation ACT.  Much of that achievement was made [...]

Police’s 2018 Resolutions: Armed, Empowered, Active
And finally from ComPol Whylie, is a projection of what can be expected of the department come January 2018.  While many of its challenges are ever-present, the agency is armed [...]

Guatemala Moves to Restore Normal Diplomatic Relations
Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington’s meeting with his Guatemalan counterpart Sandra Jovel Polanco produced a number of updates on critical issues between the two countries. After months of tension due to [...]

Foreign Minister Says Belize Receptive and Reciprocal
Despite niceties over the years on the diplomatic front, relationships on the ground between the two countries have shown bumps and bruises. The two foreign ministers spoke of trying to [...]

Are Countries Ready for 2018-19 Referenda?
2017 is almost over and it was a big year news-wise. But 2018 is expected to be even bigger, as the question Belizeans and Guatemalans have been waiting for decades [...]

P.U.P. Did Not Play Scrooge with Christmas Cheer
The final announcement from Prime Minister Dean Barrow at the December eighth meeting at the House of Representatives came as a true surprise. Despite a sluggish economy, the Government of [...]

Belmopan Man Avoids Shooting Death by Drive-By
Belmopan police are investigating an attempt made on the life of twenty-year Jose Amilcar Najera. The Armenia farmer was shot to the lower chin and left palm on Thursday night [...]

2 Sought in Hattieville Late Night Stabbing Attack
Meanwhile, police are looking for two persons in connection with a stabbing on Wednesday night in Western Pines Village, near mile eight on the George Price Highway. Just before eight [...]

K.H.M.H.’s NICU Wins Christmas Decorating Competition
Every year, the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital carries out a Christmas decorating competition among its various units. Each staff of the different participating units develops a theme and they work [...]

From the Streets: Why is Christmas Special to You?
Downtown Albert Street was bustling with residents purchasing gifts and food items for that perfect Christmas celebration for the entire family. It’s one of the favorite times of the year [...]

Anglican Bishop Says We Must Follow Christ Child’s Example
As important at this time of the year as the things we eat and do are our reflections on the legend of the Christ Child and his entry into the [...]


Montero says Tiger Aggregates Ltd had the proper license
There are still many questions concerning the blast that occurred earlier this month in the Santa Cruz area of Santa Elena Town, which killed Ronald Sutherland, who owned Tiger Aggregates Limited. There have been reports that he did not have the proper license to carry out a blast of such magnitude. As we reported last …

Victim will take legal action against Tiger Aggregates Limited
Minister Rene Montero told Love news that the families whose homes were damaged due to the blast will be compensated. However, he did not say how much monies will be given to the affected families. Today we learned that the families are not being compensated enough. Love news spoke with Marianne Foreman, whose mother-in-law’s house …

Adoptive father granted custody of Linn’s siblings
The adoptive father of the late Faye Linn Cannon, David Cannon, was granted full custody of the surviving three sisters. The decision was made on Wednesday by the family court in Belize City. Cannon intends to return to the United States with the three girls in time for the Christmas vacation. He had been fighting …

Government will address $90 million debt in the New Year
Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber confirmed to the media that the government intends to introduce an appropriation bill with regards to the $90.6 million UHS debt owing to the Belize Bank Limited. A few weeks ago the Caribbean Court of Justice ruled that GOB must pay the debt to Belize Bank using the Consolidated Revenue …

Faber comments on International Airport Alliance
Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber was also asked about the allegations surrounding Jorge Jean. In the past few days, Jean’s credibility has been questioned after documents accuse him of Conspiracy to Commit Extortion and voter fraud. He owns International Airport Alliance which was contracted by the Government to construct a one hundred million dollar airport …

Tour guide narrowly escaped death
Police in Belmopan is looking for one man with respect to a drive-by shooting last night. Fem Cruz reports. Fem Cruz, Love FM “A twenty-year-old tour guide operator of Armenia Village on the Hummingbird highway just barely escaped death after he was shot several times. According to the victim, 20-year-old Jose Amilcar, he was inside …

Lincoln Navigator was reported stolen minutes after crash
Police say they have spoken with the owner of the white Lincoln Navigator that was confiscated at the Santa Elena Border after police found drugs in it. As we reported before, on December 12th the still unidentified driver of a white Navigator sped back across the border into Belize to escape Mexican customs. Reports are …

Man stabbed multiple times
A stabbing in Western Pines has left one man hospitalized. Police report that shortly before eight o’clock last night, 21-year-old Kendale Danderson was walking home in the village when he was approached from behind by two men. One of them stabbed him multiple times. Danderson was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he …

Aragon discusses plans for the Professional Standards Branch
The Belize Police Department is seeking to do a lot more institutional improvements in the New Year. One area of focus says Minister of State in Home Affairs, Elodio Aragon Jr. is the Professional Standards Branch. Minister Aragon says they want to make that branch of the department more autonomous. This will allow Belizeans to …

Aragon: “We’ll see major investments within the Belize Police Department”
Minister of State for Home Affairs also spoke of various other initiatives for the continued improvement of the department. This includes legislative reforms. Elodio Aragon Jr. – Minister of State in Home Affairs “With this institutional and capacity building that we have done for the Belize Police Department along with the CABEI loan agreement that …