PM Will Wait For Final PUC Audit

The Prime Minster was reluctant today to comment on the allegations of reckless spending at the Public Utilities Commission.

As we have reported - the contents of an un-finalized audit has been circulated in the media. It shows suspect and lavish spending and misuse of the PUC's Credit card. Today the Prime Minister held to the line which the PUC has been using: the audit isn't finished yet:

Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister
"It's a little murky and I would really want to wait to see the final audit and then try to get legal advice on the particular issues. There are two things involved, what was spent, how much was spent and on what the expenditures were. That's number one, and then number two, were the expenditures, all of the expenditures within the power of the PUC to make. I really have to suspend judgement until we can look at each in turn."

"You said you have not seen the audit, but have you received any letter from him with regards to some of the issues that have now come out?"

Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister
"Not as far as I know, I told you that an ex-employee of the PUC had provided me with an unofficial copy of the preliminary report of the audit. I did not get anything official from Cedric Flowers. I did speak to him and he made plain that he was not in a position to in fact release anything official until the process was completed."

The PUC today put out a statement saying, quote, "The alleged documents that are being circulated are not the official records of the PUC, are unsubstantiated, and are not related to any ongoing audit. The PUC therefore cautions media establishments and the public to desist from making, publishing or broadcasting erroneous and defamatory statements about the PUC, its Commissioners and members of staff…". We note that our review of the documents - in the main - show material that has every appearance of authenticity.

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