The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) is embarking on an initiative to tackle the garbage issue plaguing the island. The plan according to Mayor Daniel Guerrero is to target the areas where the eyesore is overwhelming, educate the islanders about the impacts of littering and assist with massive scheduled cleanings. The SPTC also plans to deter the acts of illegal dumping by enforcement via sanitation officers, who will monitor and penalize anyone that does not abide by the proposed cleaning initiative.

Mayor Guerrero told The Sun that he is in agreement that the island has a huge problem with garbage. He states that after studying the situation, the plan of action is to first educate people about the garbage problem on the island. “The situation cannot continue,” he said. “The plan is to visit house-to-house and share with the residents the plan we have to deter the garbage issue and how they can be part of the plan.” It is believed that the use of the media, radio talk shows and hosting meetings with residents is another alternative planned to reach out to the people.

Guerrero also indicated that there will be an expansion of staff at the Town Council in the upcoming budget after the March elections, stating that as the island continues to grow so will the Town Board. Two new sanitation officers will be added to the budget who will be tasked with roaming the island monitoring the disposal of garbage. The Mayor hopes that with the introduction of the sanitation inspectors a positive change can be achieved. “We expect the cooperation from the island community in this effort to keep the island clean. Anyone who does not comply with this initiative will be penalized with high fines,” said Guerrero. He added that it is not only to encourage proper garbage disposal but for the well-being of everyone.

In addition to the routine garbage pickups from Town Board’s sanitation department, they want to have scheduled garbage pick-ups for large amounts of garbage at the different subdivisions throughout the month. According to him, this will give people a specific time to collect all their garbage and have it ready to be collected by the garbage trucks. “No garbage should be outside on the roadside’s scheduled collection day,” said Guerrero. “Anyone caught placing trash on the roadside outside of their scheduled day will be fined.” In addition, the SPTC will be acquiring a three-wheel vehicle that will continuously comb the downtown area for garbage on the streets.

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