Second Murder In a Week

There was another murder in San Pedro town Tuesday evening around 5:00. It's the second execution that town has seen in a week, and again, it is believed to be related to underworld activities.

Paul Jex and Deon Neal were at a boatyard in the San Pedrito area near the airstrip when they were shot. 32 year old Jex died from his injuries while Neal is being treated at the san Pedro Polyclinic where he is stable.

Jex had reportedly been in police custody up until an hour before his murder. He was facing a charge for possession of 20 grammes of marijuana - but reports say he received bail and was released. Within an hour, he would be dead.

The murder comes just as police had stepped up deployments on the island with the GSU which arrived there this morning. They'll be needed to contain any retaliations - since Jex was considered to be an affiliate of a Belize City gang.

Jex made the news back in 2014 when he beat a charge for the murder of Aubrey Lopez.

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Paul Jex shot and killed in San Pedrito, Dion Neal wounded

It has been confirmed that shortly after 5PM on Tuesday, January 23rd a shooting incident at the entrance of the San Pedrito subdivision has left one person dead, and another one injured. The deceased has been identified as Paul Jex who received one fatal shot to the head. The other person injured in the shooting was Dion Neal, who after being shot managed to flee the scene heading into town. He collapsed on Pescador driver and was taken to the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II for treatment.

According to a witness, she heard two shots as she was heading home from her job. She thought the sounds were from firecrackers, but as she approached the entrance of San Pedrito she noticed someone lying on the road. She then saw three young men running towards the lagoon side. She witnessed a man running past her who said hed been shot. This was Neal, who managed to reach Pescador Drive before collapsing.

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