The Cloud picture. Rain patterns for March to Aug below:

Belize weather is unpredictable, but all we can say is that there will not be a lot of rain over the next 2 months.

March often has long dry periods, yet April has a lower typical rainfall.

This is the typical long term rain pattern, but it is slightly confusing. Most of May is usually the driest month, but heavy rains in the last week of May, gives the impression May is wetter than April. April tends to have the odd relatively light shower, leaving it the actual driest month. But March is the usual month to watch, it can be a very dry month, but there can be erratic rains in the early part of March.

Basically the dry season has now started, but there can always be surprising sudden, unexpected significant rains.

April is more of the odd light shower. May can be very dry, with the occasional heavier short rain. Then June or the last week or so of May, is when the rains usually start, and can start with very heavy, prolonged rain, then ease off for a few days or a week. August rain sometimes eases off, because that is Belize's second Summer, that is when the Sun is overhead again, the first summer being in the middle of May.