Hi Every body from San Pedro and Ambergiscaye Caye. This Is Bruces Brother Grant who came over last year. Bruces has been back to Australia to have a surprise birthday party for his parents as most of the locals would know: We all had a great time and Surprised all the famerly but since Bruce left we have not hered that he has made it back. Does any body know he is alive???????????? and could you all tell him and Charlene to get on the net and let us know that he made it back.
Last request. Please could everybody give Bruce a clip accross the eares(if you don't know what that is ask Bruce then Hit him SOFTLY in a gentle maner) from his famerly back home because he didn't contact when he got home.
Luv To you all, on that loverly island that I wish I was back there.
Bruces Brother
PS: We Have it all on Vidieo and will send it shortly.