Residents Concerned

After Sandy Toes Beach Bar and Grill posted a video of dead fish washing up ashore in front of their establishment, residents rushed to the area curious as to what was happening. This took place last night, Monday, May 7, 2018, at around 8p.m.; it is a startling occurrence that has some residents worried.

There are many speculations as to what could have caused this strange phenomena - some suggest a strong rip current, a low tide trapping the fish out of the water and even poisoning by sargasso toxins. The thick sargasso layer floating on the beach has settled on the seabed and the water is being tainted red. Some believe that the rotting sargasso toxins could be the culprit of the dying fish, but the incident is isolated only by the Sandy Toes area. There is sargasso everywhere along the islandís coast.

Video shows people carrying the bonefish by the buckets and fishermen advise them not to consume the fish as they are yet to be tested for toxins.

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