Since last Friday, Belizean drivers entering Mexico have had to take out third party insurance policies for the duration of their trip there. This requirement has been in the making for at least three years, but it has become mandatory and enforceable by Mexican law. Hence, since last week, Mexico’s Secretariat of Communications and Transportation have been on Route 186 bear the entrance to Mexico checking for vehicular insurance.

The laws are part of standard international procedure and form part of a bilateral agreement between Belize and Mexico which deals with International Motor Carrier, Passenger and Freight Transportation. Our two countries signed a Memorandum of Understanding on this in October of 2017.

Mexican authorities have assured that no fines will be charged during inspections of Belizean drivers and vehicles, but by Friday, all vehicles and drivers engaging in international cargo and passenger service, must have the proper registration, license and current insurance to drive in Mexico. Motorists can purchase third party insurance from an office near the border, and the insurance can be had from as short a duration as a day, but if you travel to Mexico frequently, purchasing the yearly policy might work out cheaper for you. Prices vary, depending on year and model of vehicles you take across the border. The insurance covers any damages that might result from accidents caused by Belizean drivers upon vehicles registered in Mexico.

When he spoke with the media last week, Minister of Transport, Edmund Castro said that for quite a period of time Belizeans have been given a break because we have been guilty of crossing into Mexico and taking chances without proper insurance.

“You can’t travel on the streets of Belize without insurance,” Castro said, “but we take the run, because they give us a blithe to go into those people’s country and be cutting about the place without insurance. You can’t do that in any part of the world,” the Transport Minister continued. He said that it is past time that the Mexicans demand from us what we demand from them.

The Reporter