I need some serious info, advice and direction. I have a friend who lives here on the island who is in the critical last stages of advanced alcoholism. To reassure you all about the urgency of this situation, I am a retired professional firefighter medic so my assessment is accurate. His only hope is that we get him to a medically supervised alcohol detox center within the next couple of days. Iím hoping this group can give me some solid leads and direction. He is Canadian and has no money. His family will be in route but I wish to have some information to point them in the right direction, if not conditions may dictate proceed directly with getting him relocated to the proper facility before they get here.

I will be calling medical associates in Belize city in the morning to see if they have this capability. I will be paying attention to the board but if anybody wishes to speak to me you can reach me at 634-2235. Thanks... and God bless

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