Story below updated: A body was discovered late last night in the Rivera area of Belmopan, sources say it is missing British national, Richard Foster. Democracia was the crime scene, the car was found in Mahogany heights, his body found in Rivera. Same M.O. as before with the other expat whose house and car were burned. The Rivera area is the first road access when first getting to the roundabout near the Chicken place on the edge of Belmopan.

British Filmmaker, Richard Foster, Missing; His Home Was Ransacked and Guns Stolen

There is growing concern tonight for the safety of Richard Foster, the famed film maker who has made Belize his home for decades. When he did not answer calls from his wife Carol, who is in the United States, a check of the property revealed that something was awfully wrong.  His house was found open, it had been burglarized and Foster was nowhere to be found. News Five’s Hipolito Novelo was at the scene as police combed through the house looking for clues. Foster worked closely with the Belize Zoo and has filmed a number of documentaries for the Natural Geographic TV and BBC. At news time, Foster’s vehicle has been located, but he remains missing.

Hipolito Novelo, Reporting

It is believed that sixty-three year old Richard Foster, a renowned British filmmaker, was abducted from here: Savanna Guest House on mile twenty eight and a half of the George Price Highway. His business doubled as his home and scenes of crime technicians along with ACP Chester Williams were at the scene this morning gathering information and looking for clues to Foster’s whereabouts.

Foster lived alone for the time being. His wife, Carol is in the United States. At around seven o’clock this morning, Carol called Glen McFadzean- a sixty one year old Belizean retiree of La Democracia village, to stop by Savanna Guest House and check on her husband because her calls had gone unanswered. McFadzean did but when he arrived at the house, he realized that something terrible had happened. He found the house opened and ransacked. Foster was nowhere to be found. His Toyota Hilux and two firearms, a nine millimeter Smith and Wesson and a twelve gauge all purpose pump action shot gun were missing. According to sources, cash was also missing.

News Five has learnt that Foster’s vehicle, a Toyota pick-up, was found in a bushy area near a water reservoir in the Mahogany Heights community. Blood was seen inside the vehicle. Foster, however, remains missing. So this missing person report has evolved in what may be kidnapping. Tonight there are more questions than answers as to the whereabouts of Foster.

Foster lived in Belize for many years. He is an animal lover and Natural History Filmmaker. He worked closely with the Belize Zoo and on December first 2010, he gave News Five an interview after the zoo suffered major damages after Hurricane Richard in October of that year.

Richard Foster, Zoo Contributor [File: December 1st, 2010]

“When that hurricane came, Hurricane Richard, it was heart breaking, really heartbreaking to see what it did. All the big trees that had grown up and the beauty of the zoo was just destroyed but I tell you it didn’t put Sharon off and those guys worked like crazy over the last month. The catastrophe has attracted some funds so some things will be done better than they were before. I believe everybody has had some kind of shakeup and the zoo is gonna become more vital. It is amazing what can come out of disaster if you really will it and I think that is what is what’s happening there at the zoo.”

Channel 5

Award Wining Brit-B’zean Film-maker Missing

Family and friends of 74 year old British photographer Richard Foster are in panic mode tonight after he was reported missing this morning. Foster along with his wife Carol own the Savanna Guest House near the Belize Zoo. When the caretaker went to look for Richard this morning, he was nowhere to be found, his home had been ransacked and a few of his belongings were missing.

So, it is a missing person's case and apparently a home invasion. 7news was the first on the scene along with police this morning. Courtney Weatherburne has more.

Courtney Weatherburne reporting
Carol and Richard Foster have been living in Belize for four decades.

They have made this lovely quaint outdoor spot their home - it's known as the Savanna Guest House at mile 29 on the Western Highway - right next to the Belize Zoo.

Well, this morning, police and scenes of crime personnel were at the guest house searching for clues as to where Richard could be. He is missing.

He was alone at the Guest House because his wife Carol is in the US. Our information is that Carol spoke with him yesterday afternoon but when she tried to call him again at 8 last night, he didn't answer. But this morning around 7, the caretaker Glen Mcfadzen went to check on Richard. But all he found was a ransacked house - no Richard. He then called Carol and the police. According to the police report, two of his guns -a 9mm pistol and a shotgun and his vehicle were also missing.

But while the team were processing the scene, police got a call that they found an abandoned vehicle believed to be Richard's Ford pickup truck in Mahogany Heights.

It was found in the bushes on a back road. Police also went searching in the bushes to see of there was any sign of him but there was nothing. So the hunt continues for the highly acclaimed British photographer Richard Foster.

Foster is a world renowned photographer and film maker. He has won two Emmy's for his work with National Geographic. We will keep following this story closely.

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