There are reports of an assault on a female referee at a football game on Sunday in Corozal. Yuri Daniels, a resident of San Andres was officiating a game between Concepcion and San Antonio when she was attacked and beaten by a player on the San Antonio team after she issued him a red card.

The football player became furious and attacked Daniels by bursting her mouth and leaving her face swollen.

Pictures of Daniels swollen face swarmed social media today. Daniels has since received overwhelming support on social media. Belize’s National Football team stated, “We fully support you and admire how brave you are. #justiceforYURI”.


Red Card, Busted Lip

A male footballer showed himself as a bully and a brute when he punched a female referee.

It happened yesterday in the Corozal District when Yuri Daniels was officiating a game between Concepción and San Antonio.

She issued a red card to player Darnel Mossiah. He didn’t like it and assaulted her, leaving the ref with this ugly facial injury.

The FFB today issued a release saying, quote, “The Football Federation of Belize and the President, Mr. Sergio Chuc, take this opportunity to express that the Federation will not tolerate or encourage violence against women. FFB is in full support of Ms. Daniels and will be sure to provide support and guidance for legal actions to be taken.”

A police complaint has also been made.

We’ll keep following the story to see what criminal and disciplinary penalties he will face.

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