Darnell Mossiah fined $2,000, banned for 5 years for attacking female referee on-field in Corozal

On Sunday, August 12th, 27-year-old Belizean laborer Darnell Mossiah punched 32-year-old referee Yuri Daniels after she issued him a red card during a football game. On Tuesday, August 14th Mossiah was formally arraigned on a charge of wounding at the Corozal Magistrate’s Court. He pleaded guilty and was fined $2000.

On Monday, August 13th The Football Federation of Belize (FFB) responded to the violent attack on Daniels, condemning the acts of Mossiah. “The federation condemns this despicable act and will not tolerate such behavior. We take this opportunity to remind the general public that violence within the sport will not be tolerated and all matters will be investigated by relevant parties.” The FFB release further state they are in full support of Yuri Daniels and will assist in providing guidance for legal action to be taken against Mossiah. Later that day, the National Sports Council of Belize (NSC) issued a press release stating that they also condemn any acts of violence against towards any sports official and that Mossiah will face a NSC stadium ban from all NSC owned facilities for five years. “Any club or organization who violates this ban in turn may find disciplinary sanctions brought against them.”

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Referee Roughed up by Rogue Football Players Speaks Out

We know it isn’t out of the ordinary for football players to get mad or curse out the referee for pulling out a red card. Even the sports fanatics in the audience get riled up and throw a few choice words. But it is a WHOLE other level for a player to knockout a referee especially a female one. Well, that is exactly what 27 year old Darnell Mossiah did to referee Yuri Daniels at a football game in Libertad Village. Mossiah has been fined $2,000 for this attack.

Now Daniels spoke to our colleagues from CTV-3 today. She says she pulled a red card for Mossiah because he elbowed another player. Mossiah snapped and punched Daniels in the face, knocking her out. She had to get about 7 stitches and her jaw is all busted up. But despite it all, she says she won’t let this hold her back from doing what she loves.

Yuri Daniels - Referee
"I gave Mr Danny Mosiah a red card because of un-sportsman like behaviour, he elbowed a player. So I went to him, I approached him and I give him the red card. I saw him take two steps forward off of me so I got confident and start writing the time of the red card when all of a sudden I just feel a knock on my face and I fainted about 10 minutes. We cannot recall the time it was, it was my colleague that told me it was 10 minutes. When they were trying to wake me up all they did was throw cold water on my head but when I react all I remembered was drink some water for the blood to come out. I drank some water from there and I gone. When I got consciousness was when I was half way to Corozal. When we reached to the hospital they searched on me and I complained about a headache and the doctor just responded with an injection and until today I have headaches. I cannot eat, I can't really talk, I cannot swallow nothing, at night I cannot sleep because of the uncomfort that I feel on my head. I just came here to see what is the procedure with this court with Mr Daniel Mosiah. Really I did not expect this, I would expect a player of course it’s a referee, well to do signs to a referee but not come in this way especially to a female referee. I expected to curse at a female but not come and do that action, punching a female referee. This will not stop my motivation of being a referee, I will continue. For me this just an obstacle more in my life and this career but I will be stronger and continue doing what I want to be."

As you heard, Daniels can’t eat well and it hurts to swallow.

Also in this case, the United Women’s Group sent out a release saying that they “condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the violence inflicted against football referee Yuri Daniels .this disgraceful behavior is unacceptable.”

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