Not really sure.

They are building a small building that might be a new "terminal/office" area to the left of the main entrance off "Back Street" and tht could be it as well.

I would imagine there is some sort f bureaucratic red tape that might need to be filed and refiled and then processed by 3-7 different government departments before the new schedule is approved...all sorts of possibilities.

What I take away from it is that this project was slated to be finished by June 30, the fact that it was fully completed to the point of landing planes by the end of August is a monumental accomplishment, from the stories one reads of other major construction projects in this country. And the fact that he airlines are opening schedules a month and a half earlier than originally stated is a big deal as well!

I'm looking forward to hearing and watching the planes start to take off again, as I live just off the east shore about a 1/4 mile north of east end end of the runway (take off end)!