No Answers in Burnt Beechcraft Baron Case

What’s the deal with the twin-engine Beechcraft Baron ? Well, police can’t say because they don’t have any concrete information at this point. They say so far they haven’t found anything at the site that connects the landing to a drug operation.

ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB
"On Wednesday the 15th of August shortly before 8 AM police received information of the remains of a burnt aircraft in an area southwest of Blue Creek Village known as Tres Legias where upon arrival the officers observed the remains of a burnt twin engine aircraft on the ground at a registered airstrip in that area. The scene was processed and the entire area was searched; however no other item was found in the entire area that was searched."

Daniel Ortiz
"Sir will you be able to concede that the way this aircraft was handled and the location near to the border, it suggests that a drug operation took place. Would you be willing to concede to that's maybe what happened?"

ACP Joseph Myvette
"I would not go into or venture into that in the absence of having the evidence to support that."

"Sir but all of these suspected drug planes landing since November, increasing since then - does the police have any intelligence on residence in nearby communities being involved in any drug trade?"

ACP Joseph Myvette
"Well I know that on several occasions, several persons detained and interviewed in relation to these investigations; however no supporting evidence to support any charges was recieved during these investigations."

Police say the site is about 8 to 10 miles Southwest of Blue Creek.

Channel 7