Tonight there are concerns for the safety and wellbeing of American, Sherris Stringham - who is a resident of Hopkins Village.

The 67-year-old - who is originally from the US state of Missouri, was last seen on Saturday, and was reported missing yesterday. Her vehicle, a green Nissan Xterra is also missing. The X-Terra has Stann Creek license plates, C - 14628.

We understand that police presently have the identity of a male person of interest who they believe may know her whereabouts. He is also nowhere to be found in the village - and, tonight, Police believe he may be in the Belmopan area.

Stringham has been living in Belize as a retiree for over a year, according to reports. She is reportedly building a home in the village.

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Family and friends of a 67-year-old woman from Missouri, USA are concerned for her safety. Sherris Stringham has been reported missing in southern Belize. Correspondent Harry Arzu spoke with the officer commanding Dangriga about the missing woman.

Harry Arzu: Police here in the South have organized an intensive hunt for 67 year old American national Sherris Stringham who reportedly went missing since Saturday of last week and has not been seen or heard from since. Stringham, a retiree resides in Hopkins Village here in the Stann Creek District where she is constructing a house. Police here are asking the public for their assistance in locating the American woman. Officer in charge of the Dangriga Formation Superintendent Leslie Wade tells us more.

Officer in charge of the Dangriga formation Superintendent Leslie Wade: “The person that is presently doing the construction on her residence had called for her but she did not answer her phone. Police visited her residence with the assistance of the Justice of the Peace.They had made checks in the residence at the house where it was observed to be ransacked. There was a wallet that was apparently searched by someone and that was left inside the house also. We recovered her passport and the Belizean drivers license. At present because of the circumstances Police is suspecting foul play. We have a extensive search with Police officers and even with concerned residents of Hopkins in trying to locate Ms. Stringham. Up to present moment last night and up to present moment we are still out there searching the different off roads and different locations. We are following all leads to try and see how best we can recover Ms. Stringham. We also have sent all formation messages as to her green Nissan Xterra was also missing. We have a person at this time of concern, I think who could assist us with our ongoing investigation. That person is being sought for at this time so as soon as we can find that person we believe we will be able to get some assistance as it relates to information in the ongoing investigation. “