Hello everyone!
I am a kidney transplant recipient who is immune-suppressed due to the lifelong meds I must now take in order to NOT reject the new organ. Two plus years now, since surgery, and doing great.
My question is about general food safety and training on Caye Caulker, and the cooks and preppers utilizing that knowledge. We will be there for over a week in January. I know the basic rules/guidelines to protect myself, but I cannot know / control how people are handling food behind the scenes.
While I am more sensitive to react to food that is "off" than the average person, I also don't bounce back as easily.
Certainly, there would be food handling training available to those in the industry, but do you find that you can rely on those prepping and cooking to do the right thing? I'm not suggesting they deliberately don't, but a lax mindset could put me in the hospital, or worse.
Example: I can tell if meat or seafood is fully cooked, but I cannot possibly know that it was handled and stored at appropriate temperatures during the whole process.

I won't be indulging in any street food, unfortunately...but are there some more reliable places to eat that you would recommend?

If anyone responds to this and wishes to elaborate and answer the next question that I would naturally have: If you had to go to the hospital for an emergency, which hospital would you trust, or which would you absolutely not?

Thank you kindly, in advance.