The San Pedro Town Council is proud to announce that Elvis Kitchen’s world renowned Chef, Jennie Staines, will be representing Belize at the Gastronomical forum and cooking expo at the annual Coconut Festival organized by the municipality of Othon P. Blanco in Calideritas, Quintana Roo. The festival is on the 1st and 2nd of September but the pre-festival activities commenced on Friday August 24th.

Chef Jennie will be displaying her culinary skills and sharing some technics on the use of the coconut in Belize’s rich gastronomy. Culinary display forum will be broadcast live on Friday August 31st on Quintana Roo State run media outlets – Sistena Quintanarroense de Communicacion Social (SQCS).

Award winning Chef Jennie, is the Executive Chef at Elvi’s Kitchen and while she has received training in the USA, her Maya and Caribbean cuisine has captivated food lovers from around the world, including Prince Harry.