(jane struggles to contain her laughter)

i have seen chooch's intellect in person, and i thought it was big. (intellect, friends!) but we aren't making personal attacks, here, right?

heck, glen, we tried. honey, you lost me at "i am a child of god, how could..." (can't find the original quote).

like any of us aren't, and that didn't help jesus all that much, did it? and weren't any of those in the trade centers 'children of god'? did that protect them?

the nice children of god at my synagogue embezzled 2 mil off the congregation. the children of god nuns called my sister in law a 'stupid idiot' at age 10. (she is not, and now very successful), and smacked my husband in school. the nice children of god priests? let's not even go there.

(i have BIG issues with god, and have been dying to dump that for weeks.)

and doesn't it seem that most things that are enjoyable can kill ya. one way ot the other...