So…You Don’t Need Mexican Insurance (Yet)

Last night you heard form the Mayor of Orange Walk, Kevin Bernard. He said he had spoken to the Honorary Consul of Belize in Mexico - who supposedly said that if you don't get that Mexican insurance you can't drive in Chetumal.

Well today the Honorary Counsel told Bernard something different:..

Dr. Luis Montero Maldonado- Hon Consul México
"No person in Chetumal or no authority in Chetumal should ask for any insurance because only the institute is the one that has the ability to apply the law. Nobody else can apply the law. No patrol, no police patrol can apply the law as yet. So, if there is any patrol that is asking for the insurance it means that it is not something true. Also, you can continue coming to Chetumal and Quintana Roo without needing the insurance as yet."

Dr. Maldonado says this is based on the Mobility law which came into effect last week - but the governor has one month to name a director - WHICH HAS NOT HAPPENED.

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