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Belizean Health Official Receives 2018 PAHO Award
Belizean Health Official Receives 2018 PAHO Award for Health Service Management and Leadership Dr. Natalia Largaespada Beer, Technical Advisor for the Maternal and Child Health Unit of the Ministry of Health, was conferred with the 2018 Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Award for Health Service Management and Leadership at the 56th PAHO Directing Council Meeting in Washington, D.C.

Belize Independence Day Parade 2018
Lots of great photos! San Pedro Celebrates with Style, Color, Energy and a Fantastic Show of Patriotism on Independence Day, September 21, Belize's September Celebrations.

Government Of Korea Donates State Of The Art Computers To Schools In Belize
On Thursday, September 20, 2018, the Government of Belize received a donation of computers and equipment valued at US$90,000 from the Government of the Republic of Korea through an official Development Assistance Program for the fiscal year 2018. The donation was successfully executed by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), a governmental agency dedicated to providing grant aid programs and supporting the sustainable socioeconomic growth of partner countries like Belize. Through these donations, the Government of the Republic of Korea hopes to strengthen the bonds of friendship and cooperation between the people and Governments of Korea and Belize. The Republic of Korea and Belize commemorate the 31st anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations this year. The Korean Government has generously supported Belize in areas such as human resource development, capacity building and technical cooperation. The official handing over ceremony took place at the Laing Building in Belize City.

Misc Belizean Sources


Slogan for Belize Bureau of Standards
Can you come up with a slogan for the Belize Bureau of Standards? The Bureau is looking for a catchy and innovative slogan[1] that will complement the BBS logo and be able to connect across businesses and reach out to the everyday consumer, representing what the Bureau is all about. The winning entry will become the official slogan to be used in promotional campaigns and official documents for the Bureau.

Corozal Flea Market Saturday
FLEA Market, at the Farmer's Market ! Saturday, 29th of September at 6:30 am all are welcome, a small fee will be charged.

Dr. Oliver Komar at the Belize Birding Festival
Meet our Keynote Presenter, Dr. Oliver Komar, and his topics of presentations for the first ever Belize Birding Festival. Get excited!

Annual Tourism Industry Conference
Reserve your spot for the annual Tourism Conference! Oct. 19th, Ramada Princess Belize City

by Edith Yam de Vellos Esta es la historia de una mujer que nunca quiso tener grandes negocios, y tampoco quiso salir de su tierra. Nunca tuvo miedo al trabajo insasiable no tan solo para ella sino tambien para su familia. Dedico su vida a una labor communitaria. Hoy con mucho orgullo y la dicha de tenerla presente festejamos sus 100 anos de vida..... Anselma Pott de Yam nacio el 21 de Abril de 1915, en Laguna Chanbenque Corozal, Belice.Del matrimonio de Jose Ines Pott y Juanita Yah. Laguna era una communidad proximo a Ayende separdo por el Rio Hondo. fue un campamento rico en caoba en donde Jose Ines Pot, padre de Anselma, era obrador. Aselma disfruto su niniez a lado de sus 2 hermanas y 2 hermanos.

Durante toda su vida, Eluterio Y Anselma patrocinaban bailes en honor a los santos dando ofrendas y pidiendo bendiciones para sus seres queridos. Ellos organisaban celebraciones que son tradicionales de la cultura Maya. La vaqueria se celebraba el 3 de mayo. Despues de las novenas la celebracion culminaba con un baile que era acompanada con musica hasta casa de los integrantes de este grupo de personas. Eluterio y Anselma eran los patrones de esta fiesta. El baile de la cabeza de cochino tambien era parte de este evento, el cool/sopa- era hecha de maiz, frijoles y el famoso vino hecho del arbol de bal che. Otras celebraciones culturales incluyian la primisia , el Bish, el cha chak,y hanal pixan.

Tropical Agriculture Conference
Regeneration Belize Announces A Tropical Agriculture Conference. Regeneration Belize and Regeneration International invite the farmers of Belize to the conference to be held at the National Agriculture and Trade Show (NATS) grounds, Belmopan, 13th-15th November 2018. This is not a traditional expo-type fair, although major sponsors will have displays and products available. The event is an educational opportunity for all interested farmers to come and hear successful tropical farmers share their experiences with regenerative methods. Come learn how to have healthy plants that produce nutrient-dense food even in times of extreme weather.

Update on Prime Minister Barrow’s Return to the Country
The Office of the Prime Minister informs that the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow will return to Belize on Thursday, September 27th. The Prime Minister is recovering on schedule and hopes to return to office at the soonest.

Business #@ckathon
Presented by Beltraide, Deadling October 2

Louis Bacon Environmental Master's Fellowship
is a program that brings together emerging leaders dedicated to preserving and enhancing our shared environment. This program is a game-changing opportunity for scholars and practitioners eager to take up the mantle of environmental leadership and stewardship for the rising generation.

Belizean Health Official Receives 2018 PAHO Award for Health Service Management and Leadership
Dr. Natalia Largaespada Beer, Technical Advisor for the Maternal and Child Health Unit of the Ministry of Health, was conferred with the 2018 Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Award for Health Service Management and Leadership at the 56th PAHO Directing Council Meeting in Washington, D.C. The Award Committee for the PAHO Award for Health Service Management and Leadership 2018 chose Dr. Beer from a group of eight nominees submitted from countries including Bolivia, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and Belize. The committee highlighted that Dr. Beer has shown “considerable achievements in the area of Maternal and Child Health, having proven to be a strong supporter in the use of data for decision-making on policies and programs.” It was also mentioned that Dr. Beer’s work has contributed to the strengthening of evidence-based, and people and community-centered public health strategies to improve the lives of people in vulnerable areas of Belize.

SPTC declares sargassum beaching a natural disaster: a collective effort is needed to address the issue
The San Pedro Town Council recognizes the massive natural disaster caused by the significant amount of sargassum that has been washing up on our beaches. While we have experienced this phenomenon in the past, this has been the worst we have seen over recent years. Over the past months, the council has used all its resources available to ensure that our beaches are clean to an acceptable level. Nonetheless, this is now something that requires more than just efforts of the local government and as such the council is declaring this issue a natural disaster. We urge our residents, as well as the business sector, the tourism sector, non-governmental organizations, government agencies and our national government to join our collective efforts in addressing this issue, both in the short and long terms.

If you consider yourself to be preternaturally skilled at hide and seek and have always dreamed of exploring the natural beauty of Central America, you may have a unique opportunity at your fingertips. That's because the Belize Tourism Board just announced it will be giving away free trips there to a handful of a lucky people so that they can participate in the world's first nationwide game of hide and seek. This fall, Belize plans to conduct the world's first-ever countrywide game of hide and seek, and it's looking for five people to take them up on the offer for an all expenses paid trip to be a part of it. Specifically, it's looking for four "hiders" who'll decamp to various relaxing locations around the country, and one "seeker" who'll team up with a local guide to try and track down the others around the country. It's more or less exactly the same as the game you played as a kid, only on a much larger scale and with a free trip to a tropical country worth $5,000.

Mixed Martial Arts Cage Fights coming to San Pedro in October!
Mark you Calendars.

10th Annual Belikin Blue Water Classic
October 13 & 14.

Women's leadership Seminar in Corozal Town
Facilitated by the dynamic Cynthia Ellis-Topsey. A conglomeration of amazing women in northern Belize. Taking an in depth look at the state of affairs in Belize. CREATING teams and partnership to effect positive change now.

2nd Annual Corozal Bay Bikers Fest
Corozal - 2nd Annual Corozal Bay Bikers Fest is confirmed for Saturday, November 17th, 2018. The venue will be announced at a later date. Bikers from all over Belize and Chetumal will congregate on our beautiful town to bring a sense of community togetherness and friendship in a fun environment. Expect plenty of entertainment. Pin your calendar for this date.

Water outage in Corozal Today
Belize Water Services informs its customers in parts of Corozal that there will be low water pressure in the water supply today, Wednesday, September 26, 2018, starting at 8:00am. The entire Corozal Water Distribution System will be affected. This low water pressure is the result of a power outage scheduled by Belize Electricity Limited. Due to the upgrade, customers may experience discoloration when water is restored.

Water outage in Dangriga Today
Belize Water Services informs its customers in parts of Dangriga that there will be an interruption in the water supply today, Wednesday, September 25, 2018, starting at 1:00pm. The areas to be affected are 1st New Site and 2nd New Site. This interruption is necessary for the installation of a new water main. Due to the upgrade, customers may experience low water pressure and/or discoloration when water is restored.

The Belize City House Of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project has two additional projects underway
The first is the Urban Garden at ACC and the second is the building of a new building at Cockburn Lane. As you will notice foundation works has started at our Cockburn Lane Project.

On this #TreeTuesday, we are placing the spotlight on the “Macrolobium” tree (Macrolobium sp.)
In all of Belize to date, only two individual trees belonging to the tropical genus Macrolobium have been identified. Both of these trees are in the Bladen Nature Reserve. Due to the rareness of the genus in Belize, Ya’axché rangers monitor one of the trees each month to record its seasonal patterns and attempt to observe it in flowering or fruiting condition. The exact species is currently unknown – it is necessary to collect and compare these trees’ flowers to other Macrolobium herbarium specimens before they can be fully identified. Though the trees have only been observed and collected in non-reproductive condition, their geographical separation from other Central American species and their leaf and trunk characteristics indicate that they belong to a species new to science!

Channel 7

Wanted Man Turns Himself In, Says Police Had Him Under Shoot On Sight Order
Last night we told you about Kendrick Longsworth - who's been on the run from police since before dawn on Saturday morning. That's when two officers in an unmarked car pursued him near the Swing Bridge - and claim that Longsworth fired three shots at them and then jumped into the river. The officers fired back - and thought they may have killed him. They even called in the Coast Guard to search the river bed for his body - in case they did shoot and kill him. But, Longsworth survived, and re-surfaced today the Raccoon Street station. 7News was there: Kendrick Longsworth Hendy - accompanied by his mom and girlfriend turned himself in at the Raccoon street Police station this afternoon. Before going into custody he let his mother take pictures of the wounds he got when he was running from police early on Saturday morning. His mother says he fractured his ribs:

Police Want To Talk To Valentine
And while Longsworth turned himself in - police have another wanted man tonight. 2 weeks ago, we told you about the gun murder of 24 year-old Anthony McDonald, which happened during the 10th of September weekend. Well, police are searching for a man who they believe may be able to help them solve this killing. He's Albert Valentine, and police say that he is wanted for questioning in McDonald's murder. Our records show that Albert Valentine was acquitted of a murder in 2017.

Alleged Pen Road Shooter Charged
And, so while police have that person of interest in that Pen Road murder - they have charged another man in a Pen Road shooting that injured two men. This evening, police charged 22 year old Steve Kent Crawford from Curl Thompson St. for two counts of Attempted Murder, two counts of Deadly Means of Harm and two counts of Dangerous Harm. They say he shot Everal Neal and Jermaine Garbutt last week Wednesday. After that shooting police were quick to respond and caught two men who had fled the scene on a motorbike.

The Household Danger of Plastic Butane Hoses
Tonight Orange Walk town is still trying to come to grips with the reality that four persons, one father and his three kids, perished in a fire in a fire which destroyed their home. 35 year-old Alfredo Petillo and his 3 children: Kevawn Clarke, Jayda Petillo, and Mia Petillo, ages 10 to 14, never made it out of the house and post mortem examinations show that the children died from smoke inhalation, while Petillo's succumbed to a combination of burn injuries he suffered, as well as the smoke inhalation. Apart from these 4 who died, 11 other members of the Petillo family are homeless because that fire destroyed 3 homes built close together in the family yard.

PM, Slight Delays, Set To Return Soon
The Prime Minister is coming home soon. His trip to Havana Cuba for back surgery took a few days longer than expected because of some minor post-surgical complications. But the Government of Belize is reporting that he should be back in Belize in 2 days. The PM travels to Miami tomorrow - and after a night's rest, he then heads home on Thursday. He will have been gone for 22 days.

Possible Half a Million Fine For Contraband Insecticide
Last night we told you about the two Guatemalan men caught coming out of Calla Creek near the Western border with a major shipment of contraband insecticide. Well, the pair is expected to go to court tomorrow where they will face a whole bunch of charges - plus a fine of - get this - more than half a million dollars. That's because the 40 cases of "Insecticida RESPEKT" has a local market value of 171,000 dollars - and a fine of three times that would be about 510 thousand dollars. But, that insecticide is not even registered to be sold in Belize - so it is a prohibited item - which means that there's also a significant criminal offence.

Cops Catch Pine Being Smuggled
And from insecticide, we turn now to illegal timber. The cops say that they caught illegal loggers in the act of trying move their cargo of pine logs that they were not authorized to cut. The cops say that these persons were caught between Carmelita Village and Tower Hill, just outside of Orange Walk Town. Last Saturday, Police intercepted this truck, which was loaded with 39 logs. They estimate that these 39 pieces of log have a total of 4,276.8 board feet, with an estimated value of $8,553.

Badly Burnt Baby Girl Flies Out For Treatment
Last night we told you about 1 year old baby Kelvin who drowned in a vat. Well, there is another child who was also harmed in an accident. Fortunately it wasn't fatal. 5 year old Kelsey Galindo was burnt to 30% of her body after a pot of boiling water fell on her, scorching the skin near her genitals. It happened last Saturday, the 15th at their Buena Vista home. Today with the help of Burn Victim Mercy Fund, baby Kelsey was flown out to Shriners Hospital for Children in Galveston Texas. We spoke to her father today at the KHMH about what happened that Saturday and about their hopes for her recovery. Joel Galindo, Father: "My wife says that she left a pot with boiling corn on the stove. When she checked the stove the baby was wet up from the chest towards."

After Butane Explosion, Grayson Cadle Coming Along
And while little Kelsey's journey is just beginning at Shriners, Grayson Cadle is well into his road to recovery at Doctors Hospital in Augusta Georgia. As you all will remember, Cadle is the 21 year old who was caught in a terrible butane explosion at his Mahogany Street apartment in early July. He was burnt to 70% of his body. Well, he has been at the hospital for 80 days now, and, today, his mom, Marianne Cadle, told us via phone that he is responding very well to treatment. He can open his eyes, speak and now, even take a few steps with help from his therapist. Marianne Cadle gave us an update via telephone. Marianne Cadle, Mother: "Grayson went into surgery continuously from the time he arrived at the hospital in Georgia. For about 6 weeks he keeps going into the OR - come back - he does his surgery - he goes in for dressing."

Sick-out Teachers Fired At Peter Claver College
It has been going under the radar, but from Wednesday, teachers at St. Peter Claver College Extension, which is a night school have been staging a sickout. That's because they don't want to sign an employment contract - which would see them getting paid every 8 weeks instead of bi monthly. Well, today, after 4 days with no classes, 9 of the 10 teachers were fired. A letter signed by the Chair Lisel Alamilla says, quote, "as a result of your inability to enter into a mutually agreed contract, your services are no longer required." End quote. She adds, quote, "It is indeed regrettable, but it is now three days that students have shown up to class with the majority of lecturers absent." End quote

BNTU Saber Rattles Ministry of Ed.
In another teacher related matter - the Belize National teachers Union says it is ready to begin mobilization of its members if the Ministry of Education doesn't come correct on a list of teachers who are eligible for hardship and rural allowances. Apparently, the Ministry has circulated a revised list of schools which qualify for those allowances, and for time off to collect their salary. The Union says it sits on the Joint Education Staff Relations Council and did not get the finalized list. But, when the school year started, the Ministry circulated a finalized list school Managements, Principals and Teachers.

A Health Award For Dr. Beer
Belize's Dr. Natalia Largaespada Beer won the PAHO Award for Health Service Management and Leadership. She is the Technical Advisor for the Maternal and Child Health Unit of the Ministry of Health. Dr. Beer topped eight nominees from countries including Bolivia, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela among others. A release states, quote, "Dr. Beer has shown considerable achievements in the area of Maternal and Child Health, having proven to be a strong supporter in the use of data for decision-making on policies and programs….

Woman Reports Rape By Men Known to Her
Four days ago, a woman from St. Margaret's Village has reported to Belmopan police that she was raped by a pair of men familiar to her. Police were quick to make an arrest. Here's more:... ACP Joseph Myvett- Head of NCIB: "On the 21st of September a 20 year old female of St. Margaret's Village visited the Belmopan police station where she reported that on the 15th of September sometime around 10:00 pm her home was visited by two male persons known to her. At the time her common law husband was not at home..."

Another Benque Free Zone Burglary
The outlaw culture at the Benque Viejo Free Zone continues to be exposed with regular reports of criminality. On Satruday, another business burgled - this time the thieves got off with 44 boxes of cigarettes, and $13,320 dollars. But, the 28 year old Guatemalan business owner Eswin Guiterez refused to cooperate with police:.. ACP Joseph Myvett- Head NCIB: "Information was given to us of a burglary at the Western Free Zone on the 22nd of September. However, it is our understanding that the proprietor of the warehouse is requesting no court action and he is not being too cooperative with our officers in regards to the burglary."

Sankat Son In Serious Trouble In The US
Clement Sankat, the President of the University of Belize, is making international news after his son, 22 year-old Nishal Sankat, has been criminally charged for allegedly attempting to steal a commercial aircraft from the Orlando Melbourne International Airport. News reports out of Florida say that on last Thursday, at around 2 a.m., Nishal Sankat jumped the airport compound's fence, and he boarded a vacant American Airlines flight. The aircraft was being worked on by 2 maintenance employees who spotted him and immediately detained him. The staffers were attempting to take him to a holding area, when he allegedly gave them the slip and ran off. Those 2 maintenance employees set chase in a golf cart, and caught him. He was then handed over to Florida law enforcement, and he has since been charged with grand theft, burglary and trespassing. He was denied bail.

Belizean Born Soldier Killed in Accident
Tonight there are more questions than answers in the death of 22 year old Belizean American US Army 2nd Infantry Division soldier, Adrienne Barillas. In an online article published on Stars and Stripes it states that Barillas was found "unresponsive at Camp Humphrey's in South Korea". It continues by saying that "the circumstances surrounding her death were being investigated by Criminal Investigation Command." Barillas was stationed at the camp in South Korea for 6 months after joining the military as a water treatment specialist. According to the article, she earned the Army Achievement Medal and National Defense Service Medal and Army Service Ribbon.

Caye Caulker Cocaine
He's a teacher from Germany, but police say that 32 year-old Stephan Bernstein Fisher was selling cocaine on Caye Caulker. The cops say that they were continuing their operation clean up, and on Saturday, September 22nd, they encountered Fisher at Koko King on the North side of the island. He was searched, and that's when the officers found him with 1.16 grams of cocaine. Any amount over 1 gram of cocaine is considered drug trafficking, and so Fisher was immediately detained and has been criminally charged for the narcotics.

Channel 5

Petillo Family Calls Out Fire Department for Inadequate Firefighting
A candlelight vigil was held on Monday night at the Petillo’s residence in Orange Walk in memory of the four family members who perished on Sunday in an early morning [...]

Caught on Video: 2 Students Manhandled by Officers
Two young students from Santa Elena, Cayo were manhandled by the police; the images were caught on cell phone camera and posted on social media. The incident was witnessed by [...]

Accused of Shooting at Cops, Kenrick Longsworth Hendy Hands Himself Over to Police
Twenty-six-year-old Kenrick Longsworth Hendy handed himself over to police this afternoon. Longsworth was wanted for allegedly shooting at police officers on Saturday morning near the Swing Bridge in downtown Belize [...]

PM to Return to Belize on Thursday
Prime Minister Dean Barrow left Belize weeks ago for Cuba where he underwent spinal surgery on September fourth for a back condition that plagued him for years.  There is word [...]

Belizean-American Soldier Dies in South Korea
A Belizean-American soldier has died in South Korea. Twenty-two-year-old Private First Class Adrienne Barillas of Woodlands, Texas, was found unresponsive at Camp Humphreys on Sunday. There are not many details [...]

Will Security Commanders Push ‘YES’ Vote to I.C.J.?
The top brass at the Ministry of National Security has publicly come out in support of a ‘YES’ vote to take the Guatemalan claim to the International Court of Justice.  [...]

What are the Political Implications of the Ministry of National Security Saying ‘Yes’ to the I.C.J.?
Taking such a public position is unprecedented because the I.C.J. vote is a controversial and emotional issue with political implications. The position of the top brass of the security forces [...]

Some Relief for Dialysis Patients
End-stage kidney disease, or renal failure, continues to be a life-threatening affliction that many Belizeans grapple with.  Treatment of chronic disease includes hemodialysis, which uses a machine to filter blood [...]

1 Man Charged for the Rape of a Woman
A twenty-year-old young woman of Saint Margaret Village, Cayo says that she was raped by two men, known to her husband on September fifteenth. According to the victim, the men [...]

Police Search Special Constable’s Residence in PG
On Saturday, Punta Gorda police executed a search at the residence of special constable of police, Devin Trapp, a twenty-year-old resident of Orio Street in that southern municipality. The search [...]

Caribbean PM Sounds the Climate Change Call at GCAS
The Global Climate Action Summit was held in San Francisco, California on September twelfth to the fourteenth. It is an event that brought leaders and people together from around the [...]

Belize Network of N.G.O.’s Launches I.C.J. Online Survey
As the I.C.J. Referendum campaign intensifies, the Belize Network of N.G.O.’s launched an online I.C.J. survey last week Thursday. The aim of the survey according to N.G.O. Senator Osmany Salas [...]

Guat Prez Speaks at UN about Territorial Dispute with Belize
The general debate of the United Nations opened this morning at the UN headquarters in New York. The Guatemalan President, Jimmy Morales was among the speakers on the first day [...]

Final Call to Re-Register
As of Saturday, September twenty-second, one hundred and twenty-four thousand, four hundred and sixteen re-registration applications have been received by the Elections and Boundaries Department. Between September sixteen and twenty-second, [...]

Belizean Doctor Wins PAHO Award
The Technical Advisor for the Maternal and Child Health Unit of the Ministry of Health, Doctor Natalia Largaespada Beer, was conferred with the 2018 Pan American Health Organization Award for [...]

BNTU Says Teachers Are Being Disenfranchised by MoE
The Belize National Teachers Union issued a strong release today saying it is disgusted at the way the Ministry of Education shared a “finalized” listing of re-categorised schools to managements, [...]

An Empowerment Conference for Pastors
An empowerment conference for pastors and their spouses kicked off today in Belize City. The two-day event features international speakers and will include worship and transformational sessions. The aim is [...]


Empower Conference hosted to uplift Belizean pastors and churches
A number of Christians and pastors from across the country are participating in Belize’s first ever Empower Conference. The aim of the event is to uplift the pastors and their wives. The conference is being spearheaded by the director of the Children’s Cup Organization of Belize, Derrick Pitts. He explained the initiative and the overall …

Twenty-two year old Belizean-American found soldier found dead in South Korea
The US Army is investigating the passing of a 2nd Infantry Division soldier who was found dead at Camp Humphreys earlier this week in Seoul, South Korea. The deceased is a Belizean national, 22 year old Adrienne Barillas. Barillas had been assigned to the 11th Combat Engineer Battalion, 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade at the base …

Why do so many neglect making a will?
As much as one would like, the reality is that you cannot take your possessions with you, so why do so many people die without leaving a will? The situation creates confusion and chaos since loved ones are left clamoring for property because the deceased individual failed to leave instructions as to how it is …

Post Mortem Examinations revealed the cause of death for fire victims
A postmortem examination has been conducted on the bodies of the 4 persons who perished on Sunday during a fire that gutted a home at the corner of Progress and Cinderella Streets in Orange Walk Town. The body of Alfredo Petillo was found in the bathroom of the building and the cause of his death …

Young woman raped by two men in Belmopan
On Sunday, Belmopan police received reports from a twenty year old resident of Saint Margaret’s Village that a week ago, she had been sexually assaulted by two men. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett provided the details of the incident. ACP Joseph Myvette: “On the 15th of September sometime around 10 am, a woman was …

Government to invest in Roadworks
Independence Day speeches are usually moments when the Government of Belize reviews accomplishments and highlight new initiatives and plans for the development of Belize. While the Government announced 2 free dialysis treatments per week for 100 patients in a Government subsidized program, there were few other promises made. The Acting Prime Minister noted that there …

Fire Chief, Ted Smith spoke on challenges experienced over weekend fire
Following Sunday morning’s fire in Orange Walk Town, the National Fire Service has once again come under criticism. A number of catastrophic fires have highlighted the fire department’s lack of adequate equipment that is needed for the department to successfully carry out its job. Yesterday, Fire Chief Ted Smith responded to some of the criticisms …

Belize is experiencing Economic growth
An International Monetary Fund (IMF) team ended its article four consultation on Belize, last Thursday. The report states that Belize’s economic recovery is strengthening, the government is making significant progress toward debt reduction, and the Central Bank of Belize has taken resolute actions to improve financial soundness. The IMF report points out that public debt …

Police seeking one individual
Police are looking for a male person who eluded them early Saturday morning. According to police reports, 47-year-old Glenn Caliz, the former Gang Suppression Unit Commander, was on duty when he received credible information that a man who had a gun in his possession was walking on North front Street in Belize City. As a …

Faber speaks on citizen security since state of emergency
Initially approximately 100 individuals were detained in Belize City when the State of Emergency was declared on a portion of the south side of Belize City. Human rights observers noted that it may have been a draconian move since people were being detained up to 30 days at the Belize Central Prison without a trial. …

Coast Guard Officer caught with marijuana
ACP Joseph Myvett also provided an update on an incident that occurred last Thursday in which Dangriga police arrested and charged a coast guard officer for the possession of controlled drugs. ACP Joseph Myvette, Head of Crimes Investigation Branch: “Dangriga police was conducting patrols in the Riverside Area where the conducted a search on Leonard Flores a 25-year-old Belizean Coast Guard Officer. During the process of the search of a bag he had 54.1 grams of cannabis was found he has since been arrested and charged for the offence of possession of a controlled drug and was taken before the court.”

Guatemalans found with contraband
Over the weekend, two Guatemalan nationals were caught with forty cases of contraband insecticide. ACP Joseph Myvett, Head of National Crime Investigations Branch, provided the media with the details. ACP Joseph Myvette, Head of National Crimes Investigation Branch: “San Ignacio Police were conducting mobile patrol in the Calla Creek area where they came across a red Toyota pickup which had two occupants..."

Prime Minister’s return to Belize
Prime Minister Dean Barrow is expected to return to Belize on Thursday. The Prime Minister is currently in Havana, Cuba recovering from spinal fusion surgery he underwent on September 4th.

Belizean wins prestigious PAHO Award
Dr. Natalia Largaespada Beer, (VO STARTS) the Technical Advisor for the Maternal and Child Health Unit of the Ministry of Health, was conferred with the 2018 Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Award for Health Service Management and Leadership at the 56th PAHO Directing Council Meeting in Washington, D.C. The Award Committee for the PAHO Award for Health Service Management and Leadership 2018 chose Dr. Beer from a group of eight nominees submitted from countries including Bolivia, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and Belize.

BNTU at odds with Ministry of Education
The Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) is once again claiming that it is not being respected by the Ministry of Education (MOE). The latest disagreement is over the re-categorization of hardship and rural allowances. The BNTU says it views with disgust, the manner in which a finalized list of re-categorized schools was arrived at and then circulated by the MOE.


Alfredo Petillo – heroic dad
On Sunday morning, just before daybreak, a fire began raging at the Petillo family’s house, located at corner of Progress and Cinderella Streets in Orange Walk Town. By the time firefighters arrived, there was nothing that they could have done to save the lives of a father and his three children who were trapped inside the burning house. They were all incinerated: Kevaughn Clare, 14; Mia Petillo, 10; and Jada Petillo, 12. Only the mother of the kids and her youngest child made it out alive. This morning, some members of the Petillo family looked on as workers cleared away the debris from the spot where the family home once stood.

Toddler, 2, falls into vat and drowns
Willy Quinocte, 28, a laborer of Belize City, and his family are mourning the death of their baby, Kelvin Sanchez, 2, who drowned after he fell into a vat near the verandah of their house at about 6:00 Saturday evening. Quinocte recovered the baby from the vat and tried to resuscitate him, but the effort was in vain; an ambulance was called, but nothing could have been done for the baby, and his body was taken to the morgue. Quinocte said that the drowning of the toddler was an accident, but he is still at a loss as to how the tragedy occurred.

Bobby Lopez harassed by BMP celebrations committee
Belizean political leader, activist and businessman, Robert “Bobby” Lopez, was harassed by Belmopan authorities when he lined up for the September 21 parade last Friday in an electric golf cart with a sign that said, “Vote No ICJ – tek no chance.” Lopez says he was blocked a number of times by police officers before being allowed to get in the parade. He was in his golf cart, and his wife and their 9-year-old granddaughter were behind him in a vehicle. He said they were in line, waiting for the parade to move off, when a senior police officer, who was accompanied by three constables, advised him that the organizers of the parade did not want him to participate because of his message.

Dr. Dean Lindo, former UDP Leader/Minister of Government, given state funeral
Last Thursday the body of His Excellency Dr. Dean Lindo, 86, Senior Counsel, and a former UDP Leader/Minister of Government, was cremated and his ashes were put in a small mahogany box. This afternoon the box was taken via a procession to St. John’s Cathedral for a state funeral that was well-attended. Lindo, who had been ailing since last year, passed away on September 17 at his home in Buttonwood Bay. The eulogy was read by Hugh Michael Lindo and Mrs. Lydia Thurton. Others who spoke at the funeral included Hon. Michael Finnegan, Minister of Housing; Senator Godwin Hulse; Sandra Lindo and Anwar Barrow. The sermon was read by the Right Reverend Philip Wright, Bishop of Belize.

After 3 years, still no justice for Danny Conorquie
It has been said time and again that Danny Conorquie, the 20-year-old Special Constable of the Tourism Police Unit who was gunned down in cold blood at the Caracol temple in western Belize on September 25, 2014, should not have died in vain, but the sad reality is that three years after his broad-daylight execution in the sight of visiting tourists and tour guides, no suspect has even been named for his murder. Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Patrick Andrews, indicated to Amandala today that the investigation which Belize had requested the Organization of American States (OAS) to conduct into the Conorquie execution has met a major snag – that is, the Guatemalans are “stalling,” because they want a reinvestigation into the April 20, 2016 shooting death of Julio Rene Alvarado, 14, the Guatemalan minor who was shot dead after Belizean soldiers and rangers from Friends for Conservation and Development came under hostile fire in an operation to curb illegal activities on the Belize side of the border.

Independence Day 2018 ceremonies in City of Belmopan
The official ceremony to mark the lowering of the Union Jack and the raising of the blue, white and red flag of Belize on Belize’s Independence Day 37 years ago, on September 21, was held at Independence Plaza in the city of Belmopan this morning. A number of leaders of government, local and foreign dignitaries, and special guests attended the ceremony, which featured a number of speeches, by the Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church in Belize, Lawrence Nicasio; the Mayor of Belmopan, Khalid Belisle; the Leader of the Opposition in the House of Representatives, the PUP’s John Briceño; and the Deputy Leader of the governing party, the UDP’s Patrick Faber, who deputized for the Prime Minister, who is convalescing in Cuba after a surgery.

BCC Dragons, 87-73, over Tuff E Nuff for FBL Championship 2018
After sharing the first two games of a best-of-3 games championship series, Belize City Council (BCC) Dragons and Rico Black’s Tuff E Nuff squared off this past Saturday night at the Swift Hall basketball court for the decisive game 3, and it was the Dragons coming away with an 87-73 victory for the Firms Basketball League 2018 championship. Game 1 was an 88-83 win for the Dragons on Thursday night, September 13; but Tuff E Nuff rebounded the following night with a 70-69 win, to even the series at 1 game apiece. Originally scheduled for the next day, Saturday, September 15, “Carnival Day,” the championship game was wisely postponed until this past Saturday night, September 22, when a handsome crowd turned out for the finale.

First Round finished in PLB Opening Season; Freedom Fighters record first win
The first round in the double round-robin Premier League of Belize (PLB) 2018-2019 Opening Season was completed with Week 7 games this past weekend; two streaks were broken, but Belmopan Bandits remain undefeated, while Verdes holds on to the top spot in the standings. (See standings below.) In the only Saturday encounter, Belmopan Bandits SC maintained their unbeaten record with a 4-0 win over visiting Altitude Assassins FC at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium. The Bandits got a goal each from Norman Anderson (29’), Morvin Budna (75’), Inri Gonzaga (79’) and Georgie Welcome (90+’), who also maintains the top spot in the goal scoring column.

U-17 Female football kicks off with one game at MCC
One U-17 Women football game was played this evening at the MCC Grounds, as the Belize District Football Association (BDFA) is partnering with the high schools to feature its 2018 U-17 Female Football Tournament. In today’s game, SCA girls were too much for Pallotti, beating them 8 goals to 1, with Aaliyah Herbert blasting 4 goals (2’, 9’, 12’ & 24’), Alyssa Martin scoring 1 (33’) and Carlene Tillett netting 3 (41’, 48’ & 53’); while Pallottti’s lone goal was by Jiana Usher (44’).

Pedal by Pedal report of Chief & Palas Race on Sunday, September 23, 2018
Following is the Pedal by Pedal report of Chief & Palas Race of September 23rd for Weekend Warriors and Invitees: I will start today’s story by answering the question, “Who are invitees?” Well, there are some riders who, due to their young age, or being ranked as a Category 3 Cyclist by the Cycling Federation of Belize, cannot get into Weekend Warriors, and can’t hold on to the Elites either, so they are left in “no man’s land.” Consequently, when we sponsor races, we invite them. With the exception of Smoke Gladden, no other invitee has ever won any of these races. That being said, today, under pouring rain, 31 brave men showed up to do battle on their bikes.

The nature of the newspaper
From the legal standpoint, the publisher of a newspaper is held responsible by the Government of Belize. The publisher must sign two copies of each issue of the newspaper he publishes, and send them to the Attorney General’s office. If there is any seditious or defamatory material in an issue of the newspaper, and any type of lawsuit ensues, then the signed copies of that newspaper will be adduced as evidence to establish the publisher’s responsibility in court. Newspapers are centuries old, a relatively ancient industry, compared to the social media sharing of news which has been enabled by the Internet for the last two to three decades. There appears to be no legal responsibility for the news and opinions which are posted on the social media network by individuals who often act under the cover of anonymity. The social media is a news and opinion landscape which is not properly policed.

From The Publisher
When the Prime Minister of Belize (or, in last Friday’s case, the PM’s “representative,” the Deputy Prime Minister) delivers the Government of Belize’s Independence Day speech, whether we humble citizens of Belize realize it or not, that speech is directed, to a significant extent, to the power structure of Belize and the diplomatic corps stationed here, who represent interested foreign nations. In the case of last Friday, an important portion of the speech spoke of national security. But relatively little of that portion focused on external national security, as one might perhaps have expected: the Independence Day speech was mostly about domestic national security. There is an Arab proverb which says that sixty years of tyranny are to be preferred to one day of anarchy. In poor communities and societies, there are sections of these where the citizens live in a permanent state of apprehension, even fear.

Another successful Soundfest with honours going to Zoila Clarke and Lucio Alcoser
Dear Editor, On Friday, September 14, 2018, the 17th edition of the Soundfest was held at the beautiful Bird’s Isle. The brainchild of Tony Wright, also known as “The Real Deal Music Ambassador of Belize,” the Soundfest was attended by many Belizeans from home and those visiting from abroad for the September celebrations. The show flowed smoothly, featuring many Belizean talents. There were giveaways and lots of food and drinks. The highlight of the show was the presentation of lifetime awards going to two Belizean icons who have given, and continue delivering to The jewel, their undiluted talent from their hearts and souls.

John Briceño doesn’t have a drug problem
The UDP, especially on WAVE Radio, run off a lot about Briceño family involvement in the marijuana trade in the 1980’s, and the arrest and jailing of a family patriarch. There was a time when Orange Walk Town wasn’t Shuga City. It was called Rambo Town and it was a very rough place. There are stories to explain why weed became king in the northern districts. I don’t know that much about it. There’s always research, but I don’t need that for what I’m about today. For me, on the personal, while I don’t encourage anyone to take drugs, especially illegal ones, I have no real issues with drugs if you can conduct the trade without bodies falling. I have issues with violating another country’s territory.

Musings by the Curious Non-Conformist
If you did not know already, the Eastern Division Region 1 (EDR1) of Belize City is under a State of Public Emergency (SoPE). Come to think of it, though, that EDR1 terminology was not used in the official statutory instrument, no. 49 of 2018 that was gazetted on September 4th, 2018. In April of this year, high-ranking members of the Belize Police Department said that they would officially stop referring to Southside Belize City as Southside Belize City, because it cast a negative stigma on people and a community that fall within the boundaries of the area and that they were very serious about the renaming because it is “more than semantics to them”. Well, the statutory instrument totally threw that out the door, right?

Belizeans, open your eyes
I ask this question – Do Belizeans want to be the second Palestine in the middle west of the world, who have lost their homeland? Now is the time for Belizeans to open our eyes, our minds, and our hearts and stand united as one people in defense of our national sovereignty and the sanctity of our borders. In relation to the convention between Her Majesty and the Republic of Guatemala, relative to the boundaries of British Honduras, signed on the 30th of April 1859, I consider this great historical event so important for the permanent national security of our independent nation of Belize that I feel obliged to reproduce in writing the exact contents of this great achievement as a guarantee for our national existence with our secured national boundaries in perpetuity.

Accused cops in US$7 million drug plane bust get Supreme Court bail
The bail applications for two police officers and a civilian from the Orange Walk District who had been arrested in connection with the landing of a drug plane in that district, succeeded today when the matter was heard by newly appointed Supreme Court justice Francis Cumberbatch. After one week at the Belize Central Prison where they were being held on remand, Senior Superintendent of Police David Chi, 53, who was the officer in charge of the Orange Walk police formation, along with his fellow accused, police corporal Norman Anthony, 52, and Blue Creek resident, Peter Friesen, Jr., were granted bail of $150,000 cash.

Decomposing body of Miguel Arroyo, 23, found in northern San Pedro
The search for Miguel Arroyo, 23, a fisherman of San Pedrito, San Pedro, who has been missing since Friday, September 10, came to a sad conclusion at about 1:00 on Saturday afternoon when his body was found in an advanced state of decomposition in some bushes about 75 yards from the lagoon in an area about 1.5 miles into Northern San Pedro. He was identified by members of his family. Arroyo was wearing a silver chain with a silver cross and a white G-shock watch, which were found on him.

Belizean-American Adrienne Barillas killed in South Korea
A Belizean-American, Adrienne Barillas, who was serving in the United States Army and was posted in South Korea, reportedly died from a grenade blast. The circumstances surrounding Barillas’ death are unclear at the present time and her family is awaiting an official report from the US government about how she was killed while she was on active duty in South Korea. Barillas attended St. Joseph Primary School and after completing her primary school education, she enrolled at Pallotti High School, after which she attended St. John’s College Junior College.

Two of three men charged with murder plead guilty to manslaughter
Oscar Maldonado, 26, and Jewel Palma, 32, two of three men charged with the murder of Taiwanese national Tsong Ming Liou, 59, pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter today before Justice Colin Williams. A nolle prosequi, indicating that the Crown does not wish to proceed to trial, was entered by the Crown for the third accused man, Jonathan Suazo, 27. Justice Williams has deferred sentencing until Wednesday, September 26, so that the convicts can present character witnesses, if any, to testify on their behalf, and also in order for Liou’s wife to give an impact assessment statement.

The Reporter

On Saturday Police conducted a search at the home of Special Constable Kevin Trapp in Punta Gorda Town. They confiscated a number of Police uniforms, and arrested and charged Trapp for assaulting an officer during the search. What wasn’t mentioned is that Police also confiscated a large number of items, including a toilet, which are believed to have been stolen in recent burglaries in PG.

The Reporter extends condolences to the Barillas family on the death of Adrienne Barillas. According to a US Army newsletter, Stars and Stripes, Pfc. Barillas, who was stationed at Camp Humphreys in South Korea for the past six months, was found unresponsive on the base and pronounced dead on Sunday. The newsletter states that the sudden death is being investigated by the Criminal Investigation Command.

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