All the fishing I have ever done has been cold freshwater streams or lakes. Also, the only fishing I have done is the past several years was taking the grandkids to a local guaranteed fishing hole. The small bluegill, sun fish, garden variety crappie are perfect for them. I bring take a decent spinning rod and reel down last year but never got close to putting a line in the water. I want to grab some tackle to bring down this January so am looking for suggestions on what to bring. I will probably only do dock fishing or take a kayak out to the reef that is about 1/4 mile off shore. I am not looking to land a whale just some good eating fish. Suggestions as to what test line, size hooks, size weights, kind of leader, etc., should I be looking at would be a great help? I know I have to get a license but is there anything else important I should be aware of? I appreciate all the info I can get. Thanks