Hurricane Michael moves away from Belize

Most of Michael is now north of us... Tropical storm Michael is over the extreme northwest Caribbean moving northward away from Belize.

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The satellite presentation of Michael has continued to improve overnight and this morning, with the center well embedded within an area of cold cloud tops. An eye is becoming apparent in visible imagery, and this was also confirmed by a recent SSMIS microwave overpass and the Air Force Reserve reconnaissance aircraft. The aircraft reported a minimum pressure around 982 mb during the most recent pass through the center, and also found flight-level winds that support upgrading Michael to a a 65-kt hurricane for this advisory.

Michael is forecast to be a dangerous major hurricane when it reaches the northeastern Gulf Coast on Wednesday, and life- threatening storm surge is possible along portions of the Florida Gulf Coast regardless of the storm's exact track or intensity. Residents in the storm surge and hurricane watch areas should follow any advice given by local officials, as storm surge and hurricane warnings will likely be issued later today.

Hurricane conditions will spread over portions of western Cuba this afternoon, where a hurricane warning is now in effect. Tropical storm conditions are expected over the northeastern Yucatan Peninsula and the Isle of Youth today.