The fifteen million-dollar Downtown Rejuvenation Project in Belize City is moving full steam ahead since it was launched in 2015.  The project, which intends to revitalize and open up cultural, has completed some of its goals including upgrades at the Yabra field where a covered structure was installed and fixtures put in place to enhance the public space.  The project has also completed repairs at the Anglican Cathedral and made ceiling and roof improvements on the Supreme Court building.  When we caught up with the Project’s Liaison Officer Albert Avila he told us about what you can expect in the downtown area.

Albert Avila, Community Liaison Officer, Downtown Rejuvenation Project

“We are building a restaurant at the corner of Cockburn Lane and Regent Street. We are currently driving piles there and we are also driving piles at a new building which will replace Women’s Department on Albert Street. And then soon after that, we are going to start with Paslow. We are in the process of designing a new building for Paslow and finalizing the new House of Culture which we will build at the Government House. And then we will do the second part of Yabra which will be rebuilding that football field area.”

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