San Pedro Celebrates Garifuna Settlement Day 2018

Garifuna Settlement Day was observed on Monday, November 19, 2012, that made for a long holiday weekend of celebration throughout the country of Belize.

The Garinagu community of San Pedro was nothing shy of showing off their rich culture, especially when it came to the drumming and dancing. Activities surrounding the day of celebration started off early with cultural drumming at Central Park, School visits, translation competitions and much more.

The major social event was held at Central Park on the eve of Garifuna Settlement Day where the Garinagu held celebratory drumming and dancing performances through the night. The traditional Yurumei which is the reenactment of the Garinaguís arrival to Belize took place at 1:00pm on Monday, November 19, 2018 followed by short parade through town.

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Garifuna Settlement Day Videos from around Belize:

  • The 13th Annual Battle of the Drums 2018, 2.5hr.

  • (Yurumein) Garifuna Settlement Day, 14min. At the center of Garifuna Settlement Day celebrations is the reenactment of Yurumein. Yurumein is the Garifuna word which means Homeland, it is a public reenactment of the epic journey of the Garifuna people from their homeland in St. Vincent to the shores of Belize The Yurumein is re-enacted in every major community where the Garinagu reside and presents itself as one of Belizeís prominent cultural celebrations. Other cultures of Belize have come to appreciate this annual celebration and it in fact contributes to our collective understanding of the Belizean identity. It is only hoped that the knowledge of Yurumein will be passed on to younger generations of Belizeans and thereby allow Garifuna Culture to remain an integral part of the Belizean way of life.

  • Yurumein from beautiful Dangriga on a rainy #November19th morning, 1min.

  • Garimaya Grand Sponsor Southern Tour, 28min.

  • Alejo Beni Park in Dangriga!!, 7min.

  • Garifuna Mass, 1hr21min.

  • The re enactment, 41min.

  • Culture capital Dangriga!!! Drumming all night!, 13min.

  • Dangriga on the eve of the 19th!!!!, 7min.

  • Garifuna Settlement Day in Punta Gorda, Belize 19 November 2018, 40min. 6:00am Yurumei. Garifuna Settlement Day. Re-enactment of the arrival of the first Garinagu to the shores of Belize.


    San Pedro Celebration

    Garifuna Yurumei in San Pedro

    San Pedro celebrates Garifuna Settlement Day 2018

    The start of the cultural activities began on Sunday evening with a brief ceremony held at Central Park. President of the NGC San Pedro Branch, Alex Noralez welcomed and thanked the audience for joining in the celebration. Giving formalities to the event was Mayor Daniel Guerrero, who shared a few remarks. He commended the Garifuna people on their valuable contribution to the country and for their rich culture which continues to thrive in this modern era. Guerrero encouraged everyone to be respectful and to work together in order to build up our communities and Belize.

    The celebration culminated the following day with the traditional Yurumein, which is a dramatization of the arrival of the Garifuna to Belize. The re-enactment took place shortly after 1PM in front of the Central Park. Hundreds of residents and visitors flocked to the beach to witness this memorable moment for the Garinagu. The Yurumein included three boats arriving on the beaches of downtown San Pedro, complete with joyful singing and drumming.

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