7 Questions with… Blue Hole explorer Fabien Cousteau

Fabien Cousteau, the grandson of Jacques, is attempting to finally answer that question in a Discovery Channel mission to the bottom of the Blue Hole alongside explorer and entrepreneur Richard Branson.

1. Can you give us any predictions for what you expect to find at the bottom of the Great Blue Hole?

I'll quote my grandfather: 'If I knew what we were going to find I wouldn't go there'… The essence of exploration is the unknown and going to see what's out there. What drives me is my curiosity to find out.

Based on findings around Central America and the Meso-American reef there very well could be evidence in the Blue Hole pointing to Mayan culture, new species of sea life, and climate change evidence.

2. What do you expect the biggest challenges to be?

Expeditions are full of surprises and difficulties. Anything from technical problems to weather related issues can throw off a perfectly orchestrated plan. Just deploying the submersibles can easily be interrupted by high winds which would make it too dangerous to launch them.

3. How have your Grandfather’s explorations helped you in preparing for this expedition and what would he think of it?

In 1970 My grandfather and his team on Calypso paved the way to understanding how special the Blue Hole is. This fundamental base of knowledge gives us a better understanding of what we need to prepare for and what science we can build on.

4. How can this expedition into the Great Blue help raise awareness about environmental issues?

The Great Blue Hole, just like the rest of the ocean, can tell us a great deal about our impact on it. the geologic formations inside the Blue Hole will give us a good roadmap of climactic changes in history. I suspect we might also see signs of human impact at the bottom. Either way, sharing the beauty and fragility of our ocean world is paramount to impassioning the public.

5. What kind of new technology will you use to capture footage that surpasses that from the first expedition?

Live broadcast, ROV cave footage, 4k & 8k video, acoustic 3D mapping are just some of the ways we will be able to bring back images well beyond the filming technology from 1970.

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