Videos & Photos of the Annual San Pedro Holiday Boat Parade!

Sponge Bob Square Pants and Patrick Star hanging out by Palapa Bar and Grill.

The photos below are courtesy San Pedro Scoop...

This is what I have been working on this week with Team Conchettes for the Belize Tourism Industry Association’s entry into the San Pedro Lighted Boat Parade. All Captain Conch wants for Christmas is a clean and pristine San Pedro.

There was a lot of laughter during the making of this.

We are grateful to our fabulous crew on the boat tonight. I am glad I was not responsible for moving the 8’ x 6’ panel to the other side of the boat in the dark.

A big Thank You to our official sponsors The Truck Stop for our lights and The Dive Bar/Seastar Scuba for the boat, crew and a place to work. Thanks also to The Palapa Bar and The Belize Chocolate Company for their cash donations towards lights.

Karen Brodie