Many island students were educated during the 3rd Annual Child Advisory Board (CAB) Presidentís Meeting 2018 held at the San Pedro Town Central Park on Friday, December 7th. CAB is a youth organization under the Sustainable Child-Friendly Municipalities (SCMF) that advocates for children and adolescents in the community through the development of the city by its Town Council. The CAB aims to use the National Childrenís Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals to promote equality, greater social inclusion, diversity of childrenís, experiences, abilities, and acknowledgment of cultures by promoting the education of health, justice, and social protection of children.

The event began with a short ceremony at 9AM, where each CAB President shared with the attendees, the great work they are doing at their municipalities as well as the issues affecting them. The stage also saw municipalitiesí leaders and central government officials sharing a few motivational words. After the short ceremony, each CAB President was awarded three new tablets. Attendees then got to enjoy an informative fair about what CAB is all about, and the various initiatives undertaken during the year, and how they are aligned to the National Children Agenda 2017-2030.

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