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Mars: Pictures reveal 'winter wonderland' on the red planet
Earth's North Pole is famous for its snowy climes - and for hosting Santa's workshop, of course. But as these pictures reveal, it's not the only planet with snow scenes this holiday season. This is the Korolev crater, near the north pole of Mars, as captured by the European Space Agency (ESA)'s Mars Express mission. The crater is 82km (50 miles) across, and filled with ice 1.8km thick. It was named after rocket engineer and spacecraft designer Sergei Korolev, the architect of the Soviet Union's space programme.

Explore these pristine, little-known Maya ruins
Dozens of swallowtail butterflies are dancing in the air, and we pull the car over to watch. We’ve been on the road in Belize for nearly three hours with no shortage of sightseeing along the way. The drive from San Ignacio winds through San Antonio, a Maya town that is also the home of my tour guide, Israel Canto. We drive through the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, and the deserted sustainable logging town next door. We take a pit stop to stretch our legs in a massive tunnel system–the Rio Frío Cave. Alas, we are on the final stretch, a few miles of dirt road leading to the largest Maya site in Belize–larger than its famous neighbor, Tikal in Guatemala. We are arriving at Caracol. The site is like nothing I’ve seen before. We are four of only a handful of people exploring the area. There is no gift shop, no restaurant, not even water for sale. It’s the beauty and challenge of going so far off the beaten path.

Why You Should Go to Belize Now
The film Casablanca is what first got me traveling, searching the world for Rick’s Café. That near-mythical place where idealists, romantics, and wanderers wash up, drifting in and dropping out, a sense of it glimpsed in Palermo, Antananarivo, Brazzaville. You know a Rick’s Café when you walk into one. But why would Rick choose Belize, an Adam’s apple of a country on the neck of the Central American isthmus? Because south of Mexico, north of Guatemala, the former colony of British Honduras is an outpost of low taxes, high idiosyncrasy, tremendous skies, and torpid stability, still sufficiently uncrowded that visitors and settlers feel they have happened on somewhere everyone else has overlooked. The peninsula of Placencia—“pleasant place,” the Spanish called it—is a straggle of beaches, mangroves, and lagoons caught between the coastal plain of Belize and a Caribbean sea as blue as a Dutch policeman’s shirt. Just over the horizon, the second-largest living coral reef in the world holds the swells at bay. The shallows seem too warm and sleepy to bother raising a wave.

US donates equipment to help fight climate change in Caribbean
The United States Government recently handed over an approximately US $2 million Light Detection and Ranging System (LIDAR) and US $500,000 in other equipment, including a state-of-art server, computer workstations, and relevant software to the Caribbean Community Climate Change Center, known as the 5Cs, based in Belize. A statement issued by the US Embassy on Friday, notes that the information systems store and process climate-related data and will be used by decision makers and key stakeholders in the Caribbean region to develop more effective responses to natural disasters and extreme weather events.

A wind of digital change blows through Concacaf Member Associations
From 11 to 12 December representatives of FIFA and the FIFA Connect team presented the digital platform to a range of selected Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (Concacaf) Spanish-speaking Member Association (MA) representatives who will be using the new system to register their football stakeholders in the future. Representatives from the Canadian and Belize Member Associations were also attending the training to learn how to use the new innovative tool. Martin Sam, the project manager leading the development of the platform, was delivering the workshop along with his colleagues from the FIFA regional office in Panama. He expressed how he firmly believes that new technologies can significantly improve football development and bring more efficient use of digital data in the region.

In the second half of Uncovering Archaeology, I tell about several trips I have made to explore the Maya Coast of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras. After returning from these trips, I carefully examined photographs I had taken and made some interesting interpretations of things I had seen. As you may know, I have always been interested in American Indians and the Mayans. I found the Mayans had developed a written language and had a calendar accurate even by modern standards. At Copan in Honduras, I visited an ancient ball field that had stone statues of elephants around the perimeter. We have always been told that elephants did not exist in the Western Hemisphere. How then did the Mayans know how to carve statues of elephants? We do know that elephants were once hauled by ship across the Mediterranean Sea, to invade Rome from the north by crossing the Alps. Could they have also been hauled across the Atlantic and brought to Central America?

Kendis Gibson Leaving ABC “World News Now”: Where Is He Going?
Kendis Gibson gave ABC World News Now viewers a bit of a rude awakening on Monday (December 17), when he announced he’s leaving his broadcast home of more than three years. While his colleagues are seemingly rejoicing about having him out of their hair, the early morning news hours won’t be the same for WNN viewers. Why Is Kendis Gibson Leaving ABC World News Now? Kendis Gibson announced his departure from ABC World News Now live on Monday’s broadcast. While his colleagues are ecstatic, the show’s viewers are going to miss him. The 40-year-old’s final show with WNN is on Friday, and he’s reportedly going to reveal what’s next for him in the future. If you’re wondering why Kendis Gibson is leaving WNN, he said during his Monday announcement that he’s going to join the “daywalkers.” He’s been a mainstay on ABC’s early morning time slot since 2014, and his quirky liveliness has earned him loyal fans.


  • Mary Did You Know (Reggae Version) by MD, 4.5min. Mervin Budram has a new video out for his Raggae version of Mary Did You Know. Alex Deeds adds some great electric guitar work to the song. Another amazing performance from MD and his crew. Merry Christmas!

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  • Bruk it down Jenny - spot and manage the holiday blues, 30min. "Bruk it down Jenny" shared with us show tips and clues on how to spot and manage the holiday blues. Jenny Lovell - Mental Health Therapist.

  • Pink Boutique & IT Sore Christmas Specials, 36min. Pink Boutique not only has clothing, but you can also find gift items for her as well. Gifts vary from make-up pallets and nail polish to accessories, etc. The Lovely models form Pink Boutique showcasing a sample of what the store has to offer for the holiday! You can also visit the It store to find a variety for all members of the family. Reps. we had today: Cindy Trapp - Marketing Rep., Pink Boutique. Junell Sanker - Marketing Rep., It store.

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  • Black Hole Drop Belize, 8.5min. This was an awesome experience! This is just the rappel portion of this excursion. There is a pretty rigorous hike to get to this point then back out. It was even better since we were the only 2 on this tour!

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